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There are a lot of reasons to purchase a plug-in hybrid. It can save you money at the pumps, it’s got the best of both gas and electric vehicles, and there might be available tax credits depending on where you live. The problem is picking which one is best, as there are a lot of choices out there. One of the top choices is the 2021 Honda Clarity.

Is it worth it, however? There’s a lot of hype revolving around plug-in hybrids, and the Honda Clarity is just one of many. Here’s what the critics have to say.

How many miles can the 2021 Honda Clarity travel on only electric power?

How far can a Clarity get you on pure electric energy? That’s an important question to ask before signing on the dotted line. The truth is actually a little surprising, in a good way. It can go 48 miles without ever using gasoline.

Once you run out of electric power and the gas engine takes over, the Clarity gets about 39 mpg, which is pretty impressive as well. It’s possible to go about 300 miles without refilling the tank, which is middle of the pack for a plug-in hybrid.

The best part about the Clarity is the price. It’s available for a mere $33,400. If you’re looking to upgrade, the touring trim will start at $36,600.

Consumer Reports isn’t exactly swooning over this car

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Consumer Reports doesn’t mince words when it comes to vehicle reviews. With that being said, Consumer Reports wasn’t exactly impressed with the 2021 Clarity plug-in hybrid.

According to the review site, “The Clarity’s sluggish steering and pronounced body lean make it feel rather clumsy when going around corners. In addition, its wide 40-foot turning circle makes parking cumbersome.”

Consumer Reports went on to say, “The Clarity returned a mediocre braking performance, with relatively long stopping distances, especially on dry surfaces. The brake pedal felt grabby, with a disconnect between how hard drivers had to push down and when the brakes actually engaged.”

Other complaints revolved around the fact that the driver’s seat is very uncomfortable for tall drivers, the infotainment system is out of date, and there is no spare tire. It wasn’t all bad, thankfully. 

The ride is smooth enough, and the Clarity isn’t loud. There are also plenty of cubbies to store small items. Even though the review was more than a little rough, Consumer Reports does recommend the 2021 Honda Clarity. So does U.S. News agree with Consumer Reports?

What do other critics think of the 2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid?

U.S. News had a lot to say about the Honda Clarity, and most of it was good. The review site was very impressed with the cabin. U.S. News was also pleased with all the standard features available such as a rearview camera, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, road departure mitigation, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, Honda LaneWatch (passenger-side blind spot camera), and adaptive cruise control.

What U.S. New wasn’t impressed with was the rear seats which left some tall passengers bumping their heads on the ceiling. It’s also a bit sluggish when trying to pass on the highway.

Overall, the 2021 Honda Clarity manages to sway the critics to its side. For the price, it’s got a wide range of features that make it a worthy contender in the plug-in hybrid arena.


Is a Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Worth Buying?