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If you already use your pickup truck for snow plowing, you’re probably aware of the damage it can cause. If you’re considering putting a plow on your truck, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea. And while turning your truck into a snowplow can be a great way to make extra money, you have to be aware of the potential downfalls of doing so, so that you can decide whether you really want to do it – and how to take care of your truck if you decide that you do. These are the top four reasons that you might want to think twice about using your truck as a snowplow.

A blue Chevy Silverado with a snow plow attached.
Chevy Silverado with snow plow | Chevrolet

1. You’ll totally destroy your transmission with a snow plow

If you’ve done any research on putting a snowplow on your pickup truck, you’ve likely come across some transmission horror stories. That’s because putting a snowplow on your pickup wreaks havoc on your transmission. According to Boss Plow, your transmission overheating is one of the top concerns related to plowing with your pickup.

Not using your plow correctly can also do damage to your transmission. To remedy this, don’t plow snow while in overdrive. You can also try to plow while going forward as much as possible to reduce wear and tear on your transmission.

2. You’ll damage your suspension

Another reason that snowplowing can be detrimental to your pickup truck is what it does to your suspension. That’s because the front of your pickup has to handle a whole lot of weight. Not only is the plowing equipment heavy, but you’ll also have to contend with the weight of the snow.

3. Snowplowing can rust your frame

Exposure to the elements is never good for a vehicle. That’s why vehicles sold in warmer states down south tend to go for a higher price and be in better condition. Using your pickup truck as a snowplow causes damage because your frame can rust due to the salt put down on roads to keep cars from slipping.

4. Your snowplow truck’s body can be compromised


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As you might imagine, taking your truck out in a snowstorm means low visibility and unseen obstacles. Some of those can be as benign as snow piles or as dangerous as hidden things underneath layers of snow. Even jagged ice can scratch the paint job on your truck. Using your truck as a snowplow means you’re risking it not looking quite as nice as it did before you started.

If you’re thinking about using your pickup truck as a snowplow, your truck’s owner’s manual is a great place to begin. Often it will tell you whether your truck is up to the task of snow plowing. If you don’t have a pickup truck yet, definitely research whether it’s up to the task of snowplowing. Half-ton trucks and larger tend to handle heavy-duty towing better than lightweight trucks. And if you’re looking for a used truck, aim for one that hasn’t plowed before; the damage that plowing does to a truck can totally kill your investment.