5 of the Best New Cars for Grandparents

Whether you’ve got AARP notices coming in the mail, or you’ve turned into that “get off my lawn” guy, becoming older comes with struggles and joys. One of the greatest joys of getting older is watching your kids have kids, which turns you into a grandparent. If you want your children to let you take their youngsters in your vehicle, you’ll want to consider one of the best cars for grandparents. Here are five great options.

What makes the Subaru Forester one of the best cars for grandparents?

A blue Subaru Forester small SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Subaru Forester | Subaru

Let’s start with the standard symmetrical AWD and work from there. The Subaru Forester is a safe and reliable crossover SUV that easily handles tough weather. Its hits top marks for safety with the IIHS and bring a reasonable price and impressive fuel mileage rating to the mix. This SUV can be great for grandparents to take their grandkids for an adventure in the wilderness or as a safe vehicle that’s perfect when the rain arrives.

Older grandparents could enjoy the Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Toyota Avalon
2019 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

Grandparents who are sure they’ll buy only one more car should consider the Toyota Avalon Hybrid. This is one of the last full-size sedans in the market, and the hybrid powertrain makes it more efficient. This Avalon offers the comfort of a Lexus ES350 with much better pricing. You’ll love taking your grandkids for a ride in this roomy, comfortable, and reliable sedan, which can easily be the last car you ever buy. Grandparents that want to end their driving time in style can find that style in this impressive Toyota sedan.

One of the best cars for handy grandparents isn’t a car at all

Front angle view of red 2023 GMC Canyon pickup truck, which is better than 2022 model with its redesign
2023 GMC Canyon AT4X | GMC

If your parents are handy and love to tackle projects, suggest they choose the GMC Canyon. Edmunds tells us this midsize truck has plenty of comfort in the rear seats for the grandkids to feel at home while offering the strength and durability required to build almost everything. Let the grandparents enjoy projects around your house and see how great your home looks once the job is done. You never know when you need to call on the grandparents to offer their many years of expertise to a home improvement project. Suggest they drive the GMC Canyon to handle all the challenges you’ll throw at them.

The Honda CR-V is certainly one of the best cars for grandparents

A blue 2023 Honda CR-V small SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Honda CR-V | Honda

If it’s a good family SUV for a growing family, doesn’t it make sense as a great vehicle for grandparents to drive as well? The Honda CR-V offers a reliable and safe drive. This ensures grandparents can take the grandkids for the weekend, and parents will feel great about letting them be together. The CR-V comes with the Honda Sensing safety suite on all trims. This ensures the driver has the alerts and warnings necessary to keep everyone safe on the road.

Tech-savvy grandparents might enjoy a Tesla Model S

Red Tesla Model S Posed on a Tarmac.
Tesla Model S | Tesla

If it’s time for you to enjoy one of the finer things in life, a luxury car could be on the agenda. Just because you’ve got an AARP membership doesn’t mean you’re not tech-savvy and “with it.” The Tesla Model S could be an excellent choice. Enjoy the height of technology whilst driving a car that can tote the grandkids around. This car has a long driving range and plenty of power to get you and the grandkids to the next place where you can all get in trouble with your children.

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