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The 2022 Toyota Avalon is the last iteration of the model before the automaker discontinues it, and that’s a shame. The Avalon offers a comfortable, generously equipped, affordable luxury alternative to premium luxury brands like Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, the doomed model has many redeeming qualities. Here are some of the things that distinguish Toyota sedan from competitors. 

Is Toyota Avalon a good car to buy?

The 2022 Toyota Avalon has many redeeming features, including these four that U.S. News commends:

  • A “punchy,” fuel-efficient 3.5L V6 engine
  • Refined ride and handling
  • Generous standard features, like lane-departure alert with steering assist
  • A spacious interior with a user-friendly infotainment system 
A 2022 Toyota Avalon shows off its luxury sedan styling at a waterfront.
2022 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

What engine is in the 2022 Avalon?

The 2022 Toyota Avalon packs a 3.5L V6 engine as standard equipment. Also, with 301 horsepower, the Avalon’s V6 is slightly more powerful than the six-cylinder offerings in the Dodge Charger and Nissan Maxima. 

However, TrueCar says the Avalon also has a 2.5L inline four-cylinder option for hybrid trims like Hybrid XLE. Still, U.S. News enjoyed the 301-horsepower V6, calling its acceleration “punchy.” Moreover, the V6-powered Toyota sedan gets an average of 22 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, or about two mpg more than a comparable Nissan Maxima.  

Is the Toyota Avalon comfortable?

The 2022 Toyota Avalon has a spacious interior with seating for five. Also, with 16.1 cubic feet of storage space, the Avalon is more accommodating than the Nissan Maxima but less so than the Chrysler 300.

Still, U.S. News applauded the Avalon’s spaciousness and ride quality. Specifically, U.S. News says the 2022 Toyota Avalon’s interior is “modern and clean-cut.” Moreover, the Avalon’s interior material allotment leaves little to be desired, with soft-touch surfaces, synthetic leather, and even wood trim. Also, the Toyota sedan does a great job of remedying road noise, a feature luxury sedan shoppers will value.    

The 2022 Toyota Avalon's interior is an affordable luxury cockpit.
The 2022 Toyota Avalon’s interior | Toyota

What are the changes for the 2022 Avalon?

The Toyota Avalon ditched the TRD trim and all-wheel drive (AWD) for the 2022 model year. Moreover, the XSE Hybrid became the Nightshade trim, adopting dark accenting throughout the car. Also, TrueCar says the Avalon started packing a rear-seat occupant reminder system across the lineup. 

However, the 2022 model year is also the last for the Avalon. However, the used car market is flush with preowned Avalons. For instance, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) says a 2017 Toyota Avalon with average mileage has a fair purchase price of around $17,572. That’s quite a bit cheaper than the 2022 model’s starting price of about $37,920. 


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Is Toyota Avalon a luxury car?

While the Avalon doesn’t wear a premium luxury marque’s badge like its Lexus siblings, it’s still an affordable luxury option. Unfortunately, the model is headed to the auto industry graveyard, so fans who want a new affordable luxury option from Toyota might need to consider the upcoming Crown. 

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