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Sometimes the worst part of a road trip is packing the car. Between the kids, pets, luggage, and gear, your vehicle’s cargo area might not have enough space. Rooftop cargo boxes are helpful accessories. They’re sturdy and usually include a locking latch to protect belongings better. Below are five of the largest rooftop cargo boxes, listed from priciest to cheapest.

Note: Check your owner’s manual to confirm whether your vehicle can safely hold these cargo boxes before purchasing or installing them. Also, prices may vary depending on location.

Thule largest rooftop cargo boxes
A Thule rooftop cargo box | Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

1. Packasport Trailblazer: 25 cubic feet

Previously sold as the System 115, the Packasport Trailblazer is the largest roof cargo box on our list. Offering 25 cubic feet of space, this carrier is often used by transport companies due to its capacity.

Measuring 91 x 44 x 14 inches and weighing 85 pounds, this carrier can fit four sets of golf clubs and accessories and still have room to spare.

However, the Packasport Trailblazer is also the most expensive, retailing for $1,999.

2. Thule Force XT XXL: 22 cubic feet

The Thule Force XT XXL roof-mounted cargo box can fit atop most vehicles and handle loads of varying shapes and sizes. Thule claims this carrier has undergone intensive crash tests, wear-and-tear simulations, and exposure tests to uphold the company’s quality standards.

The PowerClick system makes mounting quick and simple, and an integrated torque indicator ensures a secure fit. Also, the LockKnob feature allows for the safekeeping of personal belongings, and the DualSide opening offers easy access from either side of the box.

The external dimensions are 90.5 x 35.5 x 18.5 inches, and the internal dimensions are 85.5 x 31 x 16.75 inches. With a volume of 22 cubic feet, this hard-sided model weighs 52 pounds and has a load capacity of 165 pounds.

The Thule Force XT XXL retails for $849.95.

3. Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite: 21 cubic feet

The Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite features a sleek aerodynamic textured lid and universal mounting hardware that fits the brand’s StreamLine crossbars. The SuperLatch lock offers added security for gear protection, and the dual-sided opening provides easy access from both sides of the car.

The 21 cubic foot hard-sided cargo box can store enough gear for five campers and hold skis or snowboards up to 84.6 inches. It is Made in the USA with 80% recycled material and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

It weighs 62 pounds and measures 92 x 36 x 18 inches.

The Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite retails for $819.

4. SportRack Vista XL: 18 cubic feet

The SportRack Vista XL has an 18-cubic-foot capacity and consists of durable UV-resistant ABS material. It also features a rear opening, tool-free mounting hardware, and a lock for securing contents.

In addition, this cargo box fits SportRack Systems, round bars, square bars, and most universally sized factory racks. Its dimensions are 63 x 38 x 19 inches.

The SportRack Vista XL retails for $449.95.

5. Jegs Rooftop Cargo Carrier: 18 cubic feet

The most economical choice is the Jegs Rooftop Cargo Carrier, retailing for $289.99. This U.S.-made product weighs 28 pounds when empty and has a 110-pound carrying capacity. It features a four-corner locking system, dual-side opening, and tool-free assembly for easy installation. 

Like the SportRack Vista XL, the Jegs Rooftop Cargo Carrier has an 18-cubic-foot capacity. However, the Jegs model has different dimensions: 57 x 38.5 x 17.75 inches. It also boasts an aerodynamic design to limit the drag that reduces fuel economy. In addition, this model must be mounted on horizontal crossbars.


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