5 Features That an Audi E-Tron Has That a Tesla Model X Does Not

The Audi E-Tron has been out for well over a year now and while it doesn’t have the same panache and notoriety as the Tesla Model X (nor the performance), there are some features that it does have over the Tesla SUV. The competition in the electric car segment has been growing stiffer as the years go on, causing Audi to recently drop the price of the E-Tron in order to keep competitive, however, we believe that it’s the little details that count in making an electric car that appeals to the masses. As such, here are five small, yet useful features that the Audi E-Tron has and the Tesla Model X does not.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

While some consumers can care less about having Apple Carplay and Android Auto in their cars, others can’t live without it. Luckily, anyone shopping for an electric car will be happy to know that the Audi E-Tron does come standard with both forms of in-car phone integration, however, the Tesla Model X does not.

Of course, we have to hand it to Tesla for making programs like Hulu, Netflix, and even a “Caraoke” application available in its cars. But sometimes being able to plug your phone in and having the familiar applications like Google Maps and Siri is nice to have.

Audi e-tron apple carplay
2020 Audi E-Tron | Audi

Heated and Ventilated Front Seats

The Audi E-Tron comes standard with heated and ventilated seats, which come in handy for consumers in any part of the world. The Tesla Model X has heated and ventilated seats as well, however, the ventilated seats are optional, and considering you’ll be paying a lot more for the Tesla than you would for the Audi, we would say that the E-Tron offers a much better value.

audi e-tron front seats
2020 Audi E-Tron | Audi

A panoramic sunroof

We do realize that the Tesla Model X has a massive clear fixed roof, however, we’re not really fans of the greenhouse effect that it inherently provides. The Audi E-Tron, on the other hand, comes standard with a large panoramic sunroof that can close and shield the occupants from the sun’s harmful rays. Sure it’s not as futuristic-looking at the Model X’s roof, but it’s a simple, yet traditional approach to bringing the outside into the car and we personally prefer it as will many other consumers.

Real sun visors

We know, this probably sounds like the most trivial feature to complain about, but the Tesla Model X has a massive windshield and tiny sun visor in which to block out the sun. The problem we find is that they are too small, and Tesla owners echo this sentiment as well. The Audi E-tron has normal, extendable sun visors, as well as a normal-sized windshield, to block the sun.

Bang and Olufsen sound system

While the Tesla Model X does have a 17-speaker premium sound system, the Audi E-Tron comes with a well-known Bang and Olufsen 3D sound system that’s second-to-none. And if you haven’t heard it, then we suggest checking it out if you’re deciding between these two cars. While it might not be the deciding factor, any audiophile will appreciate the sound of a Bang and Olufsen system, especially considering that the Audi E-Tron now starts at $65,900.


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