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From “Easy Rider” to “Long Way Down,” images of motorcyclists conquering every conceivable type of landscape illicit feelings of adventure. However, motorcycling isn’t limited to Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper. In fact, some of the riding that these celebrity women bikers do would have the most prideful of moto-men embarrassed. Whether it’s Katee Sackhoff forging her path on an adventure bike or Angelina Jolie astride an MV Agusta, these famous riders like to ditch the extra two wheels.

These five celebrity women bikers are right at home on two wheels

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Jewel
  • P!nk
  • Katee Sackhoff

Angelina Jolie is an actor, director, filmmaker, pilot, and, you guessed it, a motorcycle rider. The “Tomb Raider” and “Gone in 60 Seconds” star has good taste, too. No boring bikes for the Lara Croft of this famed biker collective. Instead, the actor had an MV Agusta, a sought-after Italian motorcycle with almost Ferrari-esque appeal. Interestingly enough, her character in “Gone in 60 Seconds,” Sway, rode an MV Agusta F4 on screen. 

Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage
Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage in ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ | Buena Vista/Getty Images

Beyond her lengthy tenure as Letty in the “Fast and the Furious” films, Michelle Rodriguez is a tough and adventure-oriented actor. Of course, you’d expect no less than for the action star to hit the road on two wheels from time to time. Better yet, eagle-eyed (or nosy) fans have sighted Rodriguez on a motorcycle as far away as European countries like Italy and the United Kingdom.

Jewel’s silky smooth musical performances might not be the first sound you associate with motorcycling. However, the singer/songwriter likes to get lost on her adventure bike with her husband. We can’t fault her at all for that; what better way to escape the pressures of stardom than on a BMW laden with everything you need to unplug and unwind?

On the other hand, P!nk’s vocal performances are much more attuned to the rumble and roar of a Harley-Davidson’s 45-degree V-Twin. Apropos, as the celeb women biker has an affinity for not only the Bar-and-Shield but also the Milwaukee manufacturer’s most closely associated rival, Indian Motorcycles.

Katee Sackhoff is best known for her long-term role in “Battlestar Galactica.” However, the actor behind “Starbuck” thrilled her science fiction fanbase by playing a high-profile character in “The Mandalorian.” Sackhoff is among the women bikers who have done motorcycle stunts for their projects. This is the way.

Source: Twisted Road