5 of the Best Motorcycle Rides in Northern California

Northern California has a few scenic routes to offer motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a great route this summer. After all, Northern California is far from the hustle and bustle of Southern California, and there’s simply more natural wonders to look at. Here’s a look at five of the best motorcycle routes to take your bike on in Northern California.

1. Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway

Motorcyclist riding on a black bike dressed in black over a bridge in California with a Mountainous landscape in the background and a brilliant blue body of water.
Motorcycle ride | Getty Images

According to Sacramento Injury Attorneys Blog, one of the best motorcycle routes in Northern California is the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway. This route is so beautiful that it’s commonly used for motorcycle ads. That’s because, as its name suggests, this route is right next to the Pacific coast, and riders can look to one side to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and on the other side, see some beautiful coastal cliffs. 

There are also quite a few touristy areas, such as wineries, that dot the route. However, gas stations are a rarity on this route, so be sure to plan for that.

2. Point Reyes

Another great Northern Californian route, according to Sacramento Injury Attorneys Blog, is Point Reyes. It’s actually a fairly similar route to the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway route, but there’s a significant difference in the first half of the route. 

This route will ultimately give you similar views as the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway route, except for the first half of the journey. Instead, you will be surrounded by redwood trees. Redwoods are giant trees that are simply a sight to behold, and they’ll provide riders with a lot to look at.

3. Yuba River Ride; Hallelujah Junction to Emigrant Gap

This particular route, according to Riders Share, has a lot going for it. As its name may suggest, not only will it allow riders to see the Yuba River, but it’ll also bring riders to the American River Canyon as well as the Tahoe National Forest.

Riders Share said that this will be a bit of a windy route, but it’ll also give riders many opportunities to stop and see the natural beauty of Northern California. After all, riders on this route can do quite a bit of camping and hiking if that’s what they want to do.

4. Wentworth Springs Road, Ice House Road, Placerville

According to Riders Share, this route may be one of the best motorcycle routes that the entirety of California has to offer. Like its name may suggest, it’s in the Placerville area, which means that riders will get great views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

Not only that, similar to the Yuba River, this route will also take riders to the American River Canyon, as well as Lake Tahoe. With that being said, unlike the more populated parts of California, this route can actually get very cold. In fact, according to Riders Share, the roads can even get icy during the winter months, so riders should be aware before setting out on this scenic route.

5. Kingsbury Grade (Highway 207)


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Lake Tahoe is undeniably one of the must-see sights of Northern California, and this route is another great one for that. According to Tahoe South, this way is a pretty short but fun one. It’s only about 11 miles long, which means that you may as well ride on this route if you’re in the Tahoe area. Like Tahoe South said, motorcyclists will enjoy the twisting roads and the scenic views that Kingsbury Grade will provide.