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We’ve all heard of Route 66, which first connected far-off areas of America. Eventually, this road became an iconic highway full of adventures and landmarks. But these days, many other renowned highways can take you on an American adventure.

If you’re looking for the best highways to guide you on an unforgettable road trip, these can get you started. From thrill-seekers to foodies to history buffs, drivers will love these American highways.

Pacific Coast Highway

This drive spans California and is officially referred to as Route 1. Running from the southern to the northern part of the state, Route 1 includes the Big Sur Coast Highway and San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway. Drivers enjoy both the coast’s rocky beaches and the huge redwoods.

Route 1 takes drivers by each of California’s largest cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. According to Smarter Travel, in addition to its natural surroundings, the Pacific Coast Highway is located along historical landmarks like Hearst Castle and adobe buildings in Monterey. The Pacific Coast Highway is called one of the most scenic highways in the country.

Great River Road

When you think of “cross-country” road trip, you’d assume going east to west, or vice versa. But you can also take a 3,000-mile-long drive going the other way. According to Culture Trip, Great River Road begins in Northern Minnesota and runs all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Following the historic and beautiful Mississippi River, this road demonstrates the diversity of America’s landscape.

The trip caters to the Mississippi River, unlike other roadways engineered to control traffic. Whether you travel through swamps or prairies — or try every food from each of the 10 states along the way — you’ll see the majestic Mississippi while you do it.

Route 10

According to Complex, Route 10 doesn’t have the same distance appeal of Route 66 or the Great River Road, which both traverse thousands of miles. While Route 10 only spans from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s one of the most interesting road trips you can take.

Route 10 takes you through some of the most historical and fun parts of the South. In addition to beautiful scenery, drivers enjoy the diverse food, music, and culture of the Bayou. Fishermen, Civil War enthusiasts, foodies, and music lovers love the route’s adventures. Unlike other highways, you can hit all the sites on Route 10 in just a day or two.

Interstate 40

If you seek a road trip with mileage like Route 66, Interstate 40 may be the answer. Running from California to Tennessee, drivers see the very best of the country’s landscape. You’ll see the beautiful desert and Grand Canyon, as well as massive mountains and forests.

Interstate 40 hits big cities like Nashville, Little Rock, Albuquerque, and even Amarillo. According to Roadtrippers, Interstate 40 runs along the old Route 66 and stops along some of the best sites in the country, like Mojave National Preserve, ghost towns of the West, and even the American Banjo Museum.