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When you think of car mods, you likely think about loud exhausts and lowered cars. While there are certainly bad modifications you can make, there are also several car mods that can improve your daily driving experience, even if you aren’t an enthusiast. Here are five car mods to quickly improve your daily driver.

Tires are one of the best car mods for a daily driver

A blue 2023 Toyota Camry with sport tires and upgraded TRD wheels in bronze.
2023 Toyota Camry | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Tires are one of the easiest car mods to make, and choosing the right tires can make a world of difference. There are several tire compounds out there to suit a variety of driving styles and conditions. Improve our car’s comfort with tires that reduce road noise, or improve fuel economy by buying tires with less rolling resistance. You can also buy tires for enhanced handling and wet weather performance, so your options are nearly limitless.

Smaller wheels offer more efficiency and better ride quality

Close photo of a car wheel, parked on asphalt
Wheels can have a big impact on efficiency, ride quality, and handling. | Stellantis Media

Smaller wheels are one of the best car mods for improving both ride quality and handling. While new cars seem to come with increasingly larger wheels, that extra style comes with a price. Less tire depth and more weight reduces efficiency and creates a harsher ride.

With smaller wheels, the added tire sidewall gives you a more comfortable ride and less harshness over bumps. Plus, finding the right wheels helps reduce road noise, and you’re less likely to get a flat if you hit a pothole. That’s because this car mod puts more rubber between your wheel and the road, helping absorb both bumps and sound.

Another big benefit of smaller wheels is weight reduction. By reducing the diameter of your wheels you also reduce the unsprung weight at each corner. This means less work to get your car moving, improving efficiency and handling. Reducing unsprung weight is one of the best ways to get more out of your vehicle, whether you’re chasing efficiency or performance.

Underbody aerodynamics provide both protection and improve fuel economy

Underbody aerodynamics are designed for performance, but it is one of the car mods that can also make your vehicle more efficient. Underbody skid plates help smooth the air going under your vehicle to reduce drag. In addition, they provide some extra protection against road hazards and salt corrosion to keep your vehicle in better shape.

You can improve your daily driver with an aftermarket air filter

Regularly replacing your air filter can improve your car’s efficiency, but there are aftermarket air filters that can go further. These car mods help your engine breathe better by improving airflow into your combustion chamber. Added airflow means a more efficient fuel burn, helping you save at the pump. You’ll notice better throttle response too, so you get both performance and efficiency with one simple change.

Upgrade your spark plugs for enhanced power delivery and fuel economy

While your stock spark plugs are fine while your car is new, consider upgrading your spark plugs when it’s time to replace them. Spark plugs with platinum or iridium tips offer longer-lasting performance and more consistent sparking. This gives you a more efficient fuel burn for better fuel economy and power. Combing upgraded spark plugs with an aftermarket air filter can deliver noticeable jumps in both efficiency and acceleration.

Find the car mods that best suit your daily driving needs

Remember, car mods aren’t just for your local car club members. Even your daily drive to the office can be improved by choosing the right car mods for your goal. Get more efficiency, comfort, and protection for your vehicle by upgrading just a handful of parts.

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