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The popularity of camping is increasing across the nation. Everyone wants to stay cool during the heat of summer, but not everyone wants to tow a sizeable fifth-wheel camper or can afford to buy a camping bus. Some people may find the answer in tiny popular teardrop campers with air conditioning and everything else needed for a weekend adventure.

Five affordable teardrop campers with air conditioning

While not every one of these affordable teardrop campers offers air conditioning on their base model offerings, they all offer an upgrade featuring air conditioning for a price. They are also lightweight enough that almost any vehicle can handle towing them, and in most cases, two people working together can push them around a campsite. However, those wishing to maneuver their teardrop by hand should proceed cautiously on anything other than the most level ground. 

Nest Egg Trailers

The Crow Survival blog reports that the $2,895 base model Nest Egg Trailers teardrop camper does not include air conditioning. However, the included link for more information goes to the Tiny Yellow Teardrop blog that details an upgraded Nest Egg Trailers teardrop. The upgraded all-composite teardrop contains a queen-size bed, functional galley kitchenette, onboard fresh and waste water storage, built-in ice chest, carpet, outdoor shower tent, 12-volt and 110-volt electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning systems, all for $8,995. 

MyPod by Little Guy Trailers

Like the Nest Egg, the Little Guy Trailers’ MyPod teardrop features a 100-percent composite construction, which promises to eliminate wood rot. In addition, the MyPod offers a choice of exterior colors, including white, silver, black, blue, and red. Inside the MyPod, you’ll find a full-size bed and entertainment system dominating the space. 

As one of the campers with air conditioning, its other features include a three-speed ventilation fan and window shades. Unfortunately, the MyPod does not have a kitchenette, freshwater or wastewater storage, or a built-in ice chest. The estimated starting price for the MyPod teardrop is around $11,000 per the Crow Survival blog.

The Timberleaf Classic teardrop

One of the campers with air conditioning.
Timberleaf Classic | Timberleaf Trailers

Based on Crow Survival blog information, the Timberleaf Classic starts at around $11,000 and it’s one of the campers with air conditioning. However, data from Timberleaf’s website indicates that the Classic teardrop begins at $23,900 and does not include air conditioning. However, the small camper’s square window could provide an access point to mount a small external air conditioning unit. In addition, the Timberleaf teardrop camper lineup features numerous options for customization, allowing buyers to order a camper that meets all of their needs.

Retro Ride Teardrops

Retro Ride Teardrops come in various sizes, including four feet by eight feet, five by eight feet, and five by 10 feet. The Crow Survival blog lists this aluminum-skinned teardrop’s starting price at $13,000, with space for a kitchenette under the endgate, interior shelves, and a mix of 12-volt and 110-volt power and lighting. In addition, Retro Ride Teardrops lists air conditioning as an option. 

Oregon Trail’r: The FronTear

A camper with air conditioning.
FronTear | Oregon Trail’r

The FronTear started it all for Oregon Trail’r. A classic teardrop with sleek lines and a Baltic Birch interior, The FronTear is customizable to its custom doors, powder-coated aluminum exterior color, and fender styles. Crow Survival lists the FronTear’s price at $14,000, making it one of the most expensive campers on the list, but it is one of the nicest teardrops under review. Adding air conditioning to the FronTear will require contacting the Oregon Trail’r team to discuss the options. 


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