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Camper RV park in front of a beach.

3 Best Affordable Campers of 2021

If you're looking to camp, you can do so on the cheap by buying a teardrop camper with few or no-frills without busting your budget. As far as an inexpensive, high-quality trailer, you can't go wrong with either the Oregon Trail'R DO-Drop, the BCT Moab Gobi trailer, or the CVT Off-Road Trailer.

If you’re looking to camp, you can do so on the cheap by buying a teardrop camper with few or no-frills without busting your budget. This means you won’t be replicating your house in the woods. But you will be able to save yourself some serious cash by forgoing some conventional camper amenities. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, high-quality trailer, you can’t go wrong with either the Oregon Trail’R DO-Drop, the BCT Moab Gobi trailer, or the CVT Off-Road Trailer.

The Oregon Trail’R DO-Drop camper

Camper RV park in front of a beach.
Camper RV Park | Getty Images

Among TopNotchOutdoor’s list of least expensive camper trailers, three stand out for their quality, reliability, and features. First is the Oregon Trail’R Do Drop, which costs just over $6,000. As you might expect, you don’t get a whole lot of square footage for that price. The bed is 6.5′ long and 3.9′ wide inside, as per Oregon Trailer. Nevertheless, this small trailer is perfect for one and can comfortably house two. It also can be ordered complete with add-ons like a pressurized water tank, cargo nets, or vents, but these cost extra.

The basic DO-Drop weighs about 550 lbs, which is easy for most vehicles to haul. However, Oregon Trail’R also offers a variety of upgraded models that are also reasonably affordable. For example, you can purchase the FronTear for $14,000 and gain extra space. 12.16′ of length, 6.5′ of width, and 5.5′ of height, to be precise. The FronTear comes in at 1100 pounds and, like the basic DO Drop, can be further customized with a broader variety of options, such as a water system, HDTV, propane stove, and more. 

Oregon Trail’R also manufactures the DO-Drop Alpha, an upgraded version of the DO-Drop that includes an independent suspension, more robust chassis, and lightweight for better off-roading capacity. And there’s the TerraDrop Alpha, which sports a premium weatherproofing package, along with substantial off-roading capabilities. But if you’re looking at a sub-$10,000 price point, the DO-Drop Alpha is your best bet.

The BCT Moab Gobi trailer

At a base price of $16,995, the Moab Gobi trailer expectedly provides a bit more space than the Oregon Trailer Do Drop. According to BCT, the former is 13.8 feet long, 7.5′ wide, and 6′ tall, and weighs 1,890 pounds. There’s enough space for up to three, though it comes with a 7-inch foam mattress that comfortably sleeps two. However, with an optional Rhino Rack and rooftop tent, the Gobi can accommodate as many as eight campers total.

The base model can be outfitted with various add-ons, including a two-burner stovetop, washbasin, and side gravity water system. Other add-ons include a fully articulated trailer hitch, side awning, spare tire and mount, and shock upgrades, among others. BCT offers enough add-ons to provide you with both camping and off-roading essentials, though the costs will quickly add up.

For $26,000, you can purchase the trailer with the Summit package, which includes a full galley, a 24-gallon freshwater tank, and an outdoor shower system. The Summit package includes interior and exterior LED lighting, an onboard battery charger, and a 100-amp hour AGM battery. Of course, the Summit package also comes with add-ons, everything from a barbecue grill to a folding solar panel. If you’ve got a bit more available to spend and want a complete off-roading and camping package, the Moab Gobi is a great pick.

The CVT M-416 Off-Road camper trailer

Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) has also manufactured an excellent camping accessory in the M-416 trailer. This is a simple tub-like trailer that is as bare-bones as they come. However, you can customize it to your liking, adding items like a propane tank, mounts, or other options available on CVT’s website. You won’t be sleeping in the base model of this trailer, but you can use it to haul all of your equipment to your campsite easily.

If you want to use it as part of your campsite shelter, you can use its rooftop tent to accommodate two. Be prepared for a tight fit, as the trailer itself is only 5′ long. But M-416’s sweet spot is hauling gear, which makes this an ideal purchase for those needing to haul camping equipment and non-camping materials for business or personal reasons. It’s 1150 pounds but can help you haul a lot more.

The M-416 also comes with a 7-way trailer plug and bus system, ideally suited for custom electrical upgrades, as well as LED lighting. And at $8,500, you’ll be saving yourself a pretty penny when using the CVT M-416 to get your equipment from your home to the campgrounds.


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