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The Tesla Model Y is one of the first mass-produced electric SUVs to hit the market. Tesla’s electric SUV was once one of the few options in its vehicle segment. Today, the electric SUV vehicle segment is much more competitive. The Model Y isn’t the best electric SUV option for the average consumer anymore, here’s why.

The Tesla Model Y’s price history has plenty of peaks and valleys

A red Tesla Model Y is driving on the road.
The Tesla Model Y | Tesla

The Tesla Model Y’s price is one rollercoaster ride that can leave some folks nauseated. Why? The Model Y was once extremely affordable. Today, the electric SUV is only offered in two upper trim levels in America.

The Model Y was once available for $39,990 like its sibling, the Model 3. The Model Y and Model 3 enjoyed great success in early 2021 as two of the best-selling electric vehicles on the market. By the end of the year, the Model Y became much less appealing due to pricing, availability, and a huge increase in competition.

Today, the most affordable Model Y starts at $64,990. This model achieves 330 miles of estimated driving range. Its price decreases to $60,190 after potential savings. The Standard Range model gets 244 miles of driving range. The Long Range model gets an additional 86 miles of driving range, but does that justify a price bump of over $24K?

Supply issues have made the Model Y harder to get

A white Tesla Model Y is on display.
The Tesla Model Y | Zhe Ji/ via Getty Images

The global pandemic has disrupted practically every industry. The auto industry felt the cruel sting of a strained supply chain and continues to suffer from a lack of materials. Tesla seemed impervious to the semiconductor chip shortage early on, but it seems that the stockpile has finally run dry.

According to InsideEVs, the most affordable Model Y, the Long Range model, isn’t available until 2023 in America. This means that American consumers can no longer buy new Standard Range models and have to wait at least two business quarters to receive Model Y Long Range orders that are placed now.

The electric SUV vehicle segment has exciting new additions

Base model Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 models are much more affordable than the Tesla Model Y Long Range. These electric SUVs also offer driving range practical enough to prevent range anxiety for most average consumers. Competition is fierce, and the Model Y only seems less desirable as more rivals like the Kia EV6 surface.

Tesla is shifting its focus

A white Tesla robot concept.
The Tesla Bot | Tesla

The ability to pivot is important in any business, and Tesla sees supply issues as an opportunity to change lanes. CEO Elon Musk has expressed an interest in producing robots and has announced that Tesla would be shifting its focus from producing new electric vehicles.

Instead of straining its supply even further to attempt to meet the demand for new EVs, the company seems to be pursuing a different avenue as automakers struggle to produce vehicles. The Model Y’s high price and limited availability support the claim that Tesla isn’t trying to produce the best-selling EV in 2022. These impactful Model Y changes are leaving plenty of room for competitors to swoop in and steal the electric vehicle’s thunder.


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