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The compact 2023 Ford Maverick and the midsize 2023 Chevrolet Colorado are both solid choices for pickup truck shoppers. However, the Maverick outshines the Colorado on multiple fronts. Here are four reasons the 2023 Maverick is better than the 2023 Colorado.

2023 Ford Maverick gets higher fuel economy than the 2023 Chevy Colorado

Front angle view of orange 2023 Ford Maverick pickup truck
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

The first reason the 2023 Ford Maverick pickup truck is better than the 2023 Chevy Colorado is its higher fuel economy. One of the biggest costs of vehicle ownership is gasoline — and this cost is even more extreme this year. However, with the high-level efficiency of the Maverick, there’s less of a financial burden. 

Pickup trucks aren’t typically known for being efficient, but the Maverick defies expectations, especially with its standard hybrid powertrain. The Maverick Hybrid gets an estimated fuel economy of up to 42 city/33 highway mpg. Also, the Maverick offers a fully gas-powered model with an estimated gas mileage of up to 23 city/30 highway mpg. 

The official EPA estimates of the 2023 Colorado are not yet available, but Chevrolet claims that it will have a similar fuel economy as the 2022 model (up to 20 city/30 highway mpg). This is slightly lower for city mpg compared to the fully gas-powered Maverick — and doesn’t come close to matching the efficiency of the Maverick Hybrid.

2023 Maverick is more maneuverable than the 2023 Colorado

Front angle view of grey 2023 Chevy Colorado midize pickup truck
2023 Chevy Colorado | Chevrolet

The second reason the 2023 Ford Maverick is better than the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado is its maneuverability. With its smaller overall size, the Maverick has a tighter turning circle. It also has a lower weight. All of these factors make the Maverick more maneuverable than the Colorado.

With its greater maneuverability, the Maverick can more fluidly drive through traffic and move through curves and around corners. The maneuverability also helps with backing up and parking the pickup truck. 

Ford Maverick has more rear legroom than the Chevy Colorado

The third reason the 2023 Maverick pickup truck is better than the 2023 Colorado is legroom. Since the Colorado is larger than the Maverick, one might assume that it offers more passenger space. However, Ford’s designers and engineers did a great job of giving the Maverick a roomy interior despite its compact exterior dimensions. The Maverick provides 35.9 inches of rear legroom, while the Colorado offers only 34.7 inches.

2023 Maverick is more affordable than the 2023 Colorado

The fourth reason that the 2023 Maverick is better than the 2023 Colorado is affordability. It has a starting price of $22,195 MSRP, which makes it the cheapest new pickup truck in the United States. This level of affordability is what one often sees for sedans and hatchbacks — but not for trucks. The Maverick is a rarity in this regard. While the official price information for the 2023 Colorado is not yet available, it’s expected to cost more than the 2022 version, which starts at $26,135 MSRP.

The 2023 Ford Maverick is better than the 2023 Chevy Colorado for fuel economy, maneuverability, rear legroom, and affordability. When making a decision about which pickup truck to get, these are factors to keep in mind.