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When it comes to getting yourself behind one of the best hybrids available in Toyota’s lineup, bigger isn’t always better. For years, the RAV4 has been a favorite for just about everyone, and that is not an exaggeration. For 2021, the best-selling vehicle in the world was the Toyota RAV4, with 1,132,000 units sold. That same year, the RAV4 was the best-selling vehicle in the United States that was not a pickup truck.

But don’t let these numbers fool you. There is a traditional car in Toyota’s lineup is fresh off a redesign and looking to take the top spot as the best hybrid Toyota. The trusty Prius is back for 2023 with a brand-new look and some key advantages that give it a slight edge over the RAV4. Here is everything you need to know about the four advantages the 2023 Toyota Prius has over the 2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

1. The Toyota Prius is cheaper than the RAV4 Hybrid

According to MotorTrend, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid LE base model starts at $31,560 MSRP. Of course, this is a very impressive price for a hybrid SUV from one of the most reliable brands in automotive history.

However, the Prius just edges out the competition at $27,450 MSRP for the base model LE Prius. For that price difference, you could even upgrade to the Prius LE all-wheel drive model for $28,850 MSRP, or the Prius XLE trim for $30,895 MSRP. And still have saved some money compared to what you would have to pay for just a base model RAV4 LE.

2. The Toyota Prius has better fuel economy and performance

Since its inception, the Toyota Prius has been known for its excellent fuel economy. The 2023 Prius is no exception, offering a mindblowing fuel economy rating of 57 mpg city, and 56 mpg highway, according to Toyota.

If you opt for the all-wheel drive LE model Prius, you still get incredible fuel economy at 53 mpg city and 54 mpg highway. The Toyota Prius also has great performance for an economy car, offering a net horsepower of 196 hp through its hybrid drivetrain. According to Car and Driver, this drivetrain propels the 2023 Prius to a 0 to 60 time of just 7.1 seconds

A 2023 Toyota Prius parked in front of a body of water.
2023 Toyota Prius | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

The 2023 RAV4 Hybrid is a little more disappointing in fuel economy, only offering 41 mpg city and 38 mpg highway in its most efficient trim level, with this drivetrain producing around 219 hp.

While that is more powerful than the Prius on paper, it performs better, with the RAV4 Hybrid only having a 0 to 60 time of 7.4 seconds.

3. The Prius is full of tech

While both of these vehicles are well-equipped, the Prius has better overall tech in the interior. The Prius is offered a brand new 12.3-inch touchscreen in its higher trim levels, while the RAV4 Hybrid’s screen maxes out at 10.5 inches.

The Prius offers twice the amount of USB ports, a wireless charging pad, and heated power-adjustable seats, which are even more impressive when compared to the RAV4 Hybrid’s cloth, manual-adjustable seats.

4. The Prius has better safety features

As a newer model, the 2023 Prius will have better safety features than the older 2023 RAV4. The jump in safety when comparing the two is staggering.

The Prius is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, which includes brand-new radar and camera sensors for better lane recognition and pedestrian detection. Both the RAV4 Hybrid and Prius come equipped with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane centering, automatic high beam lights, and road sign assist and detection. Still, those extra few features keep the Prius ahead of the RAV4 Hybrid in safety.

Bringing sales back to the Prius

For the past few years, the Prius has been on a swift and steady decline in sales, with goodcarbadcar reporting a 48.34% decline in sales of the Toyota Prius for the 2022 model year. With the 2023 Prius getting a drastic new redesign, it is evident that Toyota is investing in the Prius for the future. Will this brand-new cutting-edge Prius change the course of the Prius? Only time will tell!