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What could be more impressive than a mind-meltingly fast hypercar? How about one that has a 3D-printed chassis? It may sound unbelievable, but that’s precisely what the Czinger 21C is. It uses some wild technology that spans far beyond the printed chassis, too. Most impressively, though, it has a proposed top speed that competes with the likes of Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Would you go over 280 MPH in a 3D-printed car?

The Czinger 21C 3D-printed and AI-generated hypercar, front 3/4
Czinger 21C | Youtube, Top Gear

Czinger is a Los Angeles-based boutique hypercar manufacturer intent on creating high-performance cars using all kinds of modern technology. According to the website, its debut vehicle, the 21C (21st century), is designed by both Human and AI technologies. Perhaps the craziest part of this vehicle is its 3D-printed chassis. However, that only scrapes the surface of this car’s amazing specs and features.

The 21C uses a hybrid powertrain system. It combines a twin-turbo 2.88-liter flat-plane crankshaft V8 engine with an 800-volt hybrid drive and regenerative system. Together, these powerplants push out 1,250 horsepower. Czinger claims the 21C has a top speed of over 280 miles per hour.

AI-generated styling and components on the 21C look remarkable. Suspension components generated by computer AI feature material only where it’s needed to be as strong as possible and simultaneously as lightweight as possible. Clearly, the futuristic approach of this car goes far beyond its 3D-printed components.

Additionally, the 21C’s styling is inspired by the SR71 Blackbird; the two seats inside this remarkable hypercar are in line with one another. The driver sits up front, while a passenger seat sits directly behind the driver’s seat.

Of course, all of this technology and futuristic functionality doesn’t come cheap. The Czinger 21C has a price tag of $1.7 million. While that may sound like a lot, it seems pretty fair in comparison to the $3 million or more one would have to spend to own a Bugatti Chiron.

The 21C’s performance figures aren’t imaginary, either

While there’s a virtually endless supply of companies promising performance out of vehicles that will allegedly shatter records and beat down on the kings of the hypercar world, many of them are proposed figures. The 21C, though, has real-world proof to back its claims.
Czinger posted a video on its Youtube channel displaying exactly how good the 21C is on track. The company took their beloved 3D-printed hypercar to Laguna Seca with one goal in mind: to beat the production car lap record. Of course, that’s no easy task. Laguna Seca is widely known for its ruthless combination of high-speed straights and tight, unforgiving corners. Of course, the iconic corner known as the “corkscrew” has resulted in more cars hitting the wall than anyone could possibly count.

The Czinger 21C did it, though. With a lap time of 1:25:44, the 21C took the record away from the McLaren Senna. It didn’t just beat it, either. The 3D-printed wonder shaved an almost unbelievable two seconds off the iconic Senna’s lap time.

Ultimately, the 21C and Czinger as a whole are doing some incredibly remarkable things. Best of all, the company has real-world performance and proof to back up its claims. How could you possibly root against this amazing company? Frankly, whatever the future holds at Czinger is sure to continue to drop the automotive industry’s jaws to the floor.


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