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For the driving enthusiast who wants it all, the 2024 BMW M2 delivers. With a motorsport-inspired engine, it has blistering acceleration. And with a chassis that blends performance and comfort, the M2 offers everyday versatility. But more than anything, the BMW M2 offers superb driving dynamics. Whether mashing the gas from a stop or taking high-G corners, drivers get next-level performance from this unreal sports coupe. 

Let’s take a look at three things that make the M2 such an amazing ride. Highlights include:

  • Twin-turbo inline-6
  • Classic rear-wheel drive layout
  • Quick-shifting eight-speed automatic

1. The 2024 BMW M2’s engine unlocks a ton of possibilities

BMW’s M Division has a reputation for racy powerplants. And the 2024 M2 carries on that tradition with its 453 hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6. With a broad torque curve, it has plenty of twist off the line. And with a DOHC valvetrain, it can sing all the way to redline. 

What makes the engine so good is combining BMW’s inline-6 expertise with turbocharging. Inline-6 engines have the perfect balance for a smooth, torquey power delivery. From a stop, there’s a satisfying low-end pull and a silky mechanical feel as the revs climb. It’s a classic design.

And turbocharging makes that even better, enhancing muscle while minimizing weight gain. There’s no need to bore out cylinders or raise displacement — just add a boost for tuned, efficient horsepower. 

But this sports coupe isn’t just fast, it’s livable day-to-day. Tractable performance around town makes it a competent daily driver. 

2. Rear-wheel drive helps with nimble steering

Perusing noted sports car designs, you’ll notice something — most are rear-wheel drive. And there’s good reason for that. RWD layouts enhance steering, handling, and acceleration. The 2024 BMW M2 uses RWD for superb dynamics in every way.

A car’s tires can only do so much work. Transmitting power to the pavement or relaying steering inputs uses up a tire’s available traction. Making it do both — as on a front-wheel drive setup — is less than ideal. 

But on a rear-wheel drive car, the front tires can focus on one thing — steering. That not only improves steering feel but also grip. Freed up to create direction changes and generate G’s, the front wheels are optimized for high-performance handling.

Not only that, but a car’s rearward weight shift during acceleration is another RWD advantage. Especially prevalent on a rear-engine car like the Porsche 911, this phenomenon lets the tires claw at the pavement and rocket you to 60 mph and beyond. 

3. An available eight-speed transmission leads to the 2024 BMW M2’s best 0-60 MPH time

Manual transmissions offer driver involvement and heel-toe downshifting. But for the ultimate acceleration, a seamless automatic transmission is the better pick. To that end, the 2024 BMW M2 achieves its best 0-60 mph time with an M-Sport eight-speed automatic.

In testing with MotorTrend, the auto-equipped M2 hit 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. That’s two-tenths quicker than the manual-equipped version. And it’s on par with pacesetters like the Porsche 911 Carrera and Chevy Corvette. 

Additionally, the M2’s paddle-shifted eight-speed auto is easier to live with than a traditional manual. We get it. Manual transmissions are fun. But on grocery runs or long trips, constantly changing gears can get old. But a paddle-shift auto gives you the best of both worlds, letting you pick ratios when you want and enjoy automatic gear changes the rest of the time. 

The 2024 BMW M2 is a sports coupe like none other. A motorsport-inspired design gives it track-ready dynamics, while everyday versatility makes it a solid daily driver. Rear-wheel drive ensures accurate steering and enhances grip. A racy turbocharged engine is both strong and smooth. An eight-speed auto transmission provides quick shifts during spirited driving. When it comes to performance driving, the M2 is hitting on all cylinders. 


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