3 Stunning Classics For Under $15,000

Classic car enthusiasts know buying a good version of an antique car can cost a pretty penny. With maintenance costs, repairs from occasional neglect, or even sometimes just the tax of buying a classic car that is kept in mint condition, car collectors know that any vehicle worth its oil is going to be expensive. That isn’t always the case, however, because there are some great classic cars that you can find in decent condition, which is an excellent option if you are looking to start your collection or want something you won’t feel bad driving.

A Triumph TR6 from the early 70s

Older readers probably remember Triumph fondly, even though they have long since been out of production. The Triumph TR6 is a forgotten gem of a sports car favored older design styles even when it was initially released in 1969, but that didn’t stop it from being a well-performing vehicle. They aren’t as uncommon to see as many other classic cars, but that also means it can be more accessible to source parts for these straight-six toting convertibles. For $13,000, it’s a unique and fun option for a classic sports car.

Triumph TR6 | Rust/ullstein bild

A classic, underrated Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been a true American pickup from the very start. While modern-day versions of the popular pickup have taken on an air of luxury, there was once a performance-oriented version that stood out from the rest. The early 1990s version of the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is that very truck, and you can find it in relatively decent condition for around $10,000.

2001 Ford F150 SVT Lightning
Ford F150 SVT Lightning | Ford

A late 70s BMW 633CSi

Buying an antique BMW might sound like a maintenance nightmare to some, but this sporty coupe was the original 6-series. Even modern-day BMW fans can reminisce about the styling choices for the 633CSi, or it’s performance-oriented M package version which costs well more than $15,000. With all of the classic-BMW designs, this two-door luxury sports car is absolutely stunning.


Why Do Ford Fans Love the SVT Lightning so Much?

Like with all classic and antique cars, you can never know everything about their past. Buying a car with extensive service records is always ideal, but that isn’t always possible to find. Still, doing your due diligence as a buyer when looking at an older car is just as important as buying one that you can afford because if it wasn’t maintained correctly it can lead to a world of headache and heartbreak.

Many websites like Hagerty can be an excellent source for finding classic cars but also for finding the information that you need to make a confident purchase. Buying an inexpensive classic car can mean years’ worth of enjoyment, and it can be the best option for a collector who likes to drive their car more than they want to keep them stored away safely in a garage. With these sub-$15,000 options, you can get a striking classic car well within a reasonable budget without sacrificing an enjoyable driving experience.