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Lincoln is a luxury automaker that makes a lot of great cars, and unsurprisingly, Lincoln’s SUV lineup gets a lot of love from drivers and car critics alike. Since the luxury automaker has a large and diverse lineup, drivers like different aspects of their Lincoln cars. Here’s a look at the three areas owners liked the most about their 2023 Lincoln Corsair.

What J.D. Power’s APEAL study found out about the 2023 Lincoln Corsair

J.D. Power posted its review of the latest Corsair, and its review included data from the car critic’s APEAL study. This study asked thousands of owners about what they thought about their cars. The most important part of that study involved owners ranking how their cars did in 10 categories. Overall, the area that owners liked the least was the compact SUV’s fuel economy.

Owners also didn’t like the Corsair’s infotainment system and weren’t particularly impressed by the SUV’s powertrain options. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the luxury automaker has only two engine options. The standard engine gets 250 hp, while the optional one is a PHEV that gets 266 hp combined.

And despite being a luxury SUV, owners didn’t like getting in and out of the Lincoln, and they didn’t like how comfortable the car was when it was on the road. That said, owners did like the car’s interior design, and they also found the process of setting up and starting the car to be enjoyable. 

Owners liked how safe they felt when driving the Lincoln SUV

The feeling of safety was in the top three categories that owners liked the most about the Corsair. This is likely because the Corsair had great results in its crash tests. The IIHS gave the compact SUV a Top Safety Pick award, and that’s the agency’s second-highest award. The NHTSA also gave the Corsair a 5 out of 5 for how it performed in crash tests.

On top of that, Lincoln gave the SUV plenty of smart safety features. All models come with Co-Pilot360, which is the company’s suite of smart safety features. That suite includes features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and more. The luxury automaker also offers adaptive cruise control and a semi-autonomous self-driving system called BlueCruise. 

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair feels good to drive

The new 2023 Lincoln Corsair Reserve on display in front of a modern building. Owners love many things about this luxury compact Lincoln SUV
The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Reserve | Lincoln

The area that was rated the second highest was the car’s driving feel. This category is difficult to quantify, as drivers will have to be in the car to feel it for themselves. Either way, J.D. Power said that the car had “stellar driving dynamics” and that the SUV’s design gave it a quiet but well-controlled ride. The Lincoln Corsair’s standard 250-hp engine also accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, which is decently quick for a compact SUV.

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair’s exterior styling was its best attribute

Lastly, the car’s exterior styling was the category that owners rated the highest. However, this is another area that’s hard to quantify, like how the car feels to drive. Some styling choices may work for some drivers, while they won’t work for others. Regardless, the luxury automaker did make exterior styling changes with the latest model year, so it seems like this was a welcome addition to the compact SUV.

The Lincoln Corsair’s grille is now more prominent than before, and the daytime running lights were also redesigned. Plus, the top trims of the luxury SUV received exterior styling enhancements that include “a satin metallic foil treatment with blue accents.” The automaker also offers a new paint option that it’s calling Crystal Red.

If you want to see if this Lincoln SUV is right for you, take it for a test drive.


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