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Buying a car, truck, or SUV is more expensive than it looks. When you add up some of the hidden fees like maintenance, insurance, repairs, and fees, your new pickup truck might cost far more than anticipated. However, over five years, these three trucks cost less than $25,000 out-of-pocket.

The Ford Maverick truck costs less than $25,000 out-of-pocket over five years

Kelley Blue Book found that of all the trucks on the market right now; the 2022 Ford Maverick cost around $19,017 out of pocket in the first five years. The price estimates the cost of fuel to fill up over 15,000 miles annually. Maintenance includes oil changes and other items to keep your midsize truck running.

Insurance is the average cost of insuring the vehicle in your state (with collision and liability), and repairs are based on a no-deductable extended warranty. That number and the rest will differ from person to person. Ford’s 2022 Maverick starts at $20,995 and goes up to $26,860.

State Fees$2,190
Total Out of Pocket Expenses$19,017
Depreciation (Loss in Value)$8,774
Five-Year Cost to Own$27,791
2022 Ford Maverick fees | Kelley Blue Book

Financing, state fees (sales tax, license, registration), and depreciation were also factored in. Ford’s 2022 Maverick had a five-year cost-to-own amount of $27,791, and total out-of-pocket expenses came to $19,017. The Maverick was first in its class in the midsize pickup truck category.

Check out the Ford Ranger SuperCab for a truck that costs less than $25,000 out-of-pocket

In second place but still one of the best in its class, the 2022 Ford Ranger SuperCab has some pretty reasonable ownership costs. This truck starts at $33,680 for 2022, and Kelley Blue Book found that total out-of-pocket expenses were only $22,871.

State Fees$2,490
Total Out of Pocket Expenses$22,871
Depreciation (Loss in Value)$11,406
Five-Year Cost to Own$34,277
2022 Ford Ranger SuperCab fees | Kelley Blue Book

Ford’s Ranger lost around $11,406 in depreciation but had a five-year cost-to-own expense of $34,277. That was good enough to come second in the midsize trucks that cost less than $25,000 out-of-pocket.

While the Hyundai Santa Cruz looks funky, it delivers on its promises

Midsize trucks that cost less than $25,000 out-of-pocket like the Hyundai Santa Cruz
A 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz | Hyundai

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The 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz has a lot going for it. Fully capable but still pretty compact and easy to park, the Santa Cruz is a good option. It also starts at only $25,450, making it suitable for a wide variety of budgets.

State Fees$2,534
Total Out of Pocket Expenses$23,735
Depreciation (Loss in Value)$11,000
Five-Year Cost to Own$34,735
2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz fees | Kelley Blue Book

After five years, buyers can anticipate paying $34,735 for the 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz. It was estimated to cost $23,735 in out-of-pocket expenses and lost about $11,000 in depreciation.

While these numbers won’t be exact for every driver, it does give you a good look at midsize truck ownership costs. Insurance varies from state to state, and one driver’s expenses might be higher than another. Still, sometimes vehicles have a similar price and very different out-of-pocket fees.