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Those who ordered this compact pickup truck more than a year ago are still left without anything to show for it. Buyers of the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck received another update yesterday that left people without many viable options. So, what is Ford offering buyers to make up for the delay? Nothing really.

Production of the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck has been held up again

2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck buyers left in the lurch again
The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT pickup truck on the road | Ford

The 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck has been a hit since it was first announced. Actually, most recent Ford vehicles have been a hit from day one. Due to its popularity, Ford has been having trouble keeping up with orders, Ford Authority confirmed. Some of those owners received an email yesterday noting that it might not be possible to produce the Maverick pickup truck in the time frame promised.

The email from Ford was titled Maverick Unscheduled Retail Order Customer Communication and was posted on the Ford Maverick Owners Club forum.

“Strong demand and global supply chain constraints continue to delay the scheduled production date and delivery of your Maverick. We now have reached a point where there is a strong likelihood we will be unable to produce your Maverick order within these constraints.”

Ford notes that some options like Co-Pilot360, the XLT luxury package, and the 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat luxury package have been holding up orders. Buyers were aware of the issue in February, but the process hasn’t moved forward much.

Buyers can change the existing Ford Maverick order and maybe get a truck

Ford offered the compact pickup truck buyers a few options. Removing the constraining features or packages by July 8 will “improve the chances of their existing retail order scheduling.” Another option is to swap the 2022 Maverick for a 2023 version when the order banks open in August.

Ford says it will offer a “private offer discount” toward the new truck order, but it hasn’t released that yet. The automaker says that Ford dealerships will share information on August 2, the day the order banks open. If this didn’t sound like a disaster already, that certainly doesn’t help.

There have been a lot of issues with Ford lately, especially when it comes to new vehicle orders. While these seem like acceptable options at first, neither option is good. Ford doesn’t mention when the recent orders will be produced or if the 2022 buyers will shift to the front of the line. Will a 2023 order be finished before someone who ordered in 2022?

Ford can’t guarantee anyone will receive a pickup truck this year


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Not to mention the fact that Ford has approached many buyers with an ultimatum: pay the $10,000 dealership markup or move on. Some people got lucky by paying over MSRP for someone else’s truck, but others have been left with a pretty bad feeling and no truck at all.

Ford isn’t putting any guarantees on any of these options, which could mean more waiting and more frustration for buyers. Ford can’t even guarantee buyers will get the 2022 Ford Maverick if the constraints are removed. So what if buyers remove the offending packages and the truck still can’t make it to the production line?

Hopefully, Ford can figure out a way to appease buyers and get everyone into a Maverick within a reasonable time frame. Otherwise, the competition is just waiting for Maverick buyers to jump ship.