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Toyota has a wide range of SUVs, such as the Sequoia, 4Runner, Highlander, Highlander Hybrid, RAV4, RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime, and Venza. The 2023 Corolla Cross is a recent addition, and it’s the cheapest Toyota SUV in the lineup. Even though it has a lower price, you’ll be shocked at everything that is included with the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross.

How much is the cheapest Toyota SUV?

There are three trims for the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross, and each is incredibly affordable for a new vehicle. Toyota reports these are the L, LE, and XLE. The starting price for the L trim is only $23,610. The next trim level, the LE, has an MSRP of $25,940. Finally, the XLE costs $29,015.

A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine comes standard. It can generate up to 169 hp and 151 lb.-ft. 

The L trim is often criticized for the lack of power in the engine. It is also compared unfavorably to the hybrid Corolla Cross, which gets superior gas mileage. Regardless, the cheapest Toyota SUV offers some fantastic features.

The cheapest Toyota SUV has standard Apple CarPlay

Toyota has included several standard tech features on the Toyota Corolla Cross. One of these is Apple CarPlay. It’s wireless, which means you don’t have to wrestle with cables to use it. Android Auto is another standard feature that is wireless as well. An eight-inch touchscreen makes it simple to navigate through the many tech features.

Wi-Fi is also available. Toyota offers an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot trial, as well as Integrated Streaming through Apple Music® and Amazon Music™. New owners get to try the Wi-Fi free for 30 days. Once this is over, you need to get a subscription, which currently costs $25 a month.

The Toyota Corolla Cross offers affordable safety

Once again, Toyota offers a wide range of standard safety features, even though the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross. There is forward collision warning, lane departure mitigation, a lane-keeping system, intersection collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control. Toyota has included a backup camera that is standard for the L and LE. The XLE gets a backup camera with a grid system.

There are also nine airbags. There is one for the driver and front passenger airbags, driver and front passenger outboard seat-mounted side airbags, driver and front passenger side curtain airbags, rear side airbags (right and left), and driver knee airbags.

On top of having so many safety features, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross is blowing safety expectations out of the water with the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In fact, it was awarded the 2023 Top Safety Pick. The IIHS gave it four out of five stars.

The Corolla Cross comes with options


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Even though Toyota has a lot of standard features, there are a few desirable items that you can add on. Some of these optional features for the cheapest Toyota SUV include a nine-speaker JBL sound system, a power liftgate, and a sunroof. The auto-leveling adaptive headlights are only available for the XLE and LE trim levels.

Something else that isn’t available, even as an add-on for the L or LE trims, is all-wheel drive. It comes standard on the XLE trim, but if you want it, you’ll have to upgrade.

Drivers can also opt for plans such as Integrated Streaming, which allows you to listen to music on your Apple Music or Amazon Music. It costs $15 a month.

The Go Anywhere Drive Connect plan keeps you updated on the latest traffic patterns and could save you from being stuck in traffic. This also costs $15 a month. If you combine Drive Connect and Integrated Streaming, you can save $5, as it’s only $25 for both.

If you love the Corolla but need something a little bigger, then the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross is hard to beat. Given all that you get, it’s undeniable that this is an affordable vehicle that more than justifies the price.