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The Ford Bronco Sport is one of the latest SUVs to join the American automaker’s lineup, and although it has the Bronco name, it’s quite different from the regular Bronco. Despite that, car shoppers seem to really like the Bronco Sport, as it’s selling well and owners are satisfied with many aspects of the SUV. Here’s a look at the Ford Bronco Sport and the three areas that real owners loved the most about the car.

A look at J.D. Power’s APEAL study and what it found

Every year, J.D. Power sends out a survey to thousands of verified owners, and the results of that survey is what the APEAL study is about. Owners are only eligible for the study if they’ve owned their car for at least 90 days. The study asks owners about themselves, and it also asks owners to rate how their cars performed in 10 categories. That’s the most important part of the study.

In terms of the Bronco Sport, the study found that 50% of the people who bought a brand-new Bronco Sport were men. That’s actually a higher percentage of men than the segment average since only 42% of new small SUV buyers were men.

With that being said, the median age of someone who bought a new Bronco Sport is about the same as the segment average. The median age for the Bronco Sport was 55, while the segment average was 54.

These are the three areas that owners loved the most about the Ford Bronco Sport

As far as rating the 10 areas, owners liked the exterior styling of the Bronco Sport the most. This makes a lot of sense, since the Bronco Sport was designed to have a unique look compared to most other SUVs. Just like the regular Bronco, it has a retro-inspired design that has a ’90s feel to it. Plus, Ford offers a lot of customization options, and that helps make the car’s exterior styling stand out even more.

The second area that owners liked the most was its driving feel. This area is hard to talk about as it might be better to experience it yourself. The Bronco Sport doesn’t have the smoothest ride quality, especially on-road, but its optional 250-hp engine feels powerful to drive around with.

Similarly, the third area that drivers loved about the SUV was how safe they felt when they’re in it. That’s not surprising since it did well in its crash tests, so drivers likely know that they’re in good hands.

In fact, the Bronco Sport received better crash test ratings than the regular Bronco did. On top of that, Ford gave the compact SUV a lot of smart safety features. For instance, it comes with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and more.

Owners didn’t like these aspects about the Ford Bronco Sport though

Owners seemed to like two other areas of the Bronco Sport, and they were the car’s interior design and the process of setting up and starting.

However, they were rated lower than the three areas that owners loved the most. The five areas that come after those two are regarded as the areas that owners liked the least. Owners didn’t like getting in and out of the car, and owners didn’t like its infotainment system either.

The Bronco Sport only has one touchscreen right now, and it’s an 8-inch one. That’s a decent size, but there are bigger touchscreens in other SUVs. The driving comfort category was next, and it was followed by the SUV’s powertrain.

The area that owners liked the least was its fuel economy. That’s somewhat surprising since the SUV gets 27 mpg combined with the standard engine.


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