20,963 BMW R 1200 GS and Others Are Being Recalled Due to Leaking Fuel

Dual-sport bikes are some of the most capable vehicles on the market, period. By definition, they are tough, go-anywhere machines that have become the apple of many riders’ eyes these days. The segment is getting more and more popular, from small and simple dual-sports to the massive and tech-heavy BMW GS bikes. Well, you might want to pump your brakes on grabbing a used BMW R 1200 GS until they work recall on the fuel leaking issue. 

2011-2014 BMW R 1200 GS and others are having fuel pump issues

According to ADV Pulse, the IIHS just recalled 20,963 BMW adventure bikes. The recall spans 2011-2014 BMW R1200 GS and GS Adventures. The problem is the fuel pump is leaking fuel, which is clearly not ideal. The issue could be particularly limiting if you intend to use these bikes as intended, meaning, way out in the bush. This not only leads to losing fuel faster but more importantly, fuel dripping on any part of your bike is a great way to get a fire. This recall follows another similar one for earlier bikes filed just a few months back. 

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure in dark green and silver
BMW R 1200 GS Adventure | BMW

As mentioned, the recall was announced due to an issue with the main fuel pump and possibly an auxiliary fuel pump. The report says that essentially fuel pumps with a “support ring specifically installed by a pneumatic fastening tool could introduce unwanted tolerance during the fastening process. Over time, this can lead to fuel pump flange crack propagation at the location of the quick connector.” Hence the fuel leak. 

It’s not just the R 1200 GS that’s affected

The faulty fuel pump is on a wide variety of bikes in that date range of 2011-2014. Some of the other models are the R Nine T bikes, S 1000 R, and various K series bikes, along with others. 

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The IIHS is warning owners of affected bikes to get the recalled bikes tended to quickly because if the fuel pumps crack, the fuel leak could easily turn into a fire. This can be catastrophic due to the proximity of the rider to the fuel and fire. 

How do you get the issue fixed?

BMW is replacing the affected fuel pumps with a new and improved verison and potentially the auxiliary pump if need be. This improved fuel pump will support the ring at the quick connect spot and will be done with a better and more precise tool. 

ADV Pulse reports that BMW owners in need of repair will be notified via First Class Mail and told to take their bikes to an authorized BMW dealer to deal with the fuel pump issue.

If some owners have already replaced the part on their own dime, the recall offers reimbursement for those repairs. 

BMW Adventure bikes are still an icon

Although the newest trend in adventure motorcycles has skewed toward the smaller dual-sport bikes like the DR-650 and the KTM 690, these smaller, cheaper bikes are more than enough to get any serious adventure riding done. That being said, the big beamers are still highly revered and coveted by many.