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Mitsubishi USA is an enigma. It has some seemingly great SUVs and trucks it sells elsewhere but won’t bring to the U.S. Sure, there is the chicken tax, manufacturing constipation, and added expense to market and maintain any new model. But some of its latest offerings, like its brand-new 2024 Xforce SUV, should be part of its U.S. portfolio. 

With its launch last week in Indonesia, Mitsubishi’s plans call for it to sell there, as well as in South Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. It would be the perfect replacement for either its $26,400 Eclipse Cross or $23,000 Outlander Sport. Both are great crossovers, but next to the Xforce, they look dated and doughy. 

Is the 2024 Mitsubishi Xforce a hybrid?

Charcoal gray 2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV
2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV | Mitsubishi

The Xforce features its new “Dynamic Shield” front facia, with its T-like headlights. It is somewhat of a cross between the Chevy Traverse and several upcoming Cadillacs. Overall, it is a more taut design that is upright and lean. Part of the reason for this is that the crossover looks like it has a lift. It does feature 8.7 inches of ground clearance. So there are off-road vibes, but they’re only vibes. 

2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV studio shot
2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV | Mitsubishi

Only one engine is available, the 1.5-liter inline-four, with 103 hp and 103 lb-ft of torque, and only front-wheel drive. It spins a CVT automatic transmission but has four drive modes: Normal, Gravel, Mud, and Wet. And its approach and departure angles are fairly decent at 21 degrees and 35 degrees, respectively. Sizewise, it compares to the Bronco Sport, with a 104.3-inch wheelbase and 172.8 inches long, 71.2 inches wide, and 65.3 inches tall. 

Can devices be connected to the Xforce SUV?

2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV screens
2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV | Mitsubishi

Inside, drivers are greeted with an eight-inch digital gauge display with a 12.3-inch infotainment screen next to it. WebLink connects smartphones to the screen with three multiple inputs. Devices can connect with either USB Type-A or Type-C ports or through the wireless charger function. 

The console hides a drink cooler, while Mitsubishi touts the ability to contain 21 20-ounce plastic bottles sprinkled around the doors, console, and cubbies. Who knew? Back seats feature a 40:20:40 split for various types of hauling chores. 

How much is the Mitsubishi Xforce?

2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV dash and door panels
2024 Mitsubishi Xforce compact SUV | Mitsubishi

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A muted tweed fabric covers the dash and accents the seats and door panels. There is also a subtle three-dimensional covering on the upper portions of the door panels. In all, it is a clean and linear cabin design. It combines several materials to liven things up without introducing garish colors for the job. 

Prices in Indonesia begin at around $25,200. That puts it in Eclipse Cross territory, should the Japanese automaker choose to bring it here. Hanging around since 2017, it would be a perfect replacement for the U.S. But that’s the question: will Mitsubishi bring it here, or does it have something better up its sleeve?