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The 2024 Toyota Highlander is one of the best midsize SUVs on the market. However, many compare it to the Lexus RX 350. This is because the two vehicles look similar, but do the similarities stretch further than appearance? Luckily, the 2023 Toyota Highlander and the outgoing Lexus RX 350 are similar vehicles. 

So, is the RX just a luxury version of the 2024 Toyota Highlander?

Both are among the best midsize SUVs for power 

The 2024 Toyota Highlander and the new Lexus RX 350 are among the best midsize SUVs for power. Overall, the Lexus comes out on top as it uses a turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four that makes 275 horsepower and has a torque of 317 lb-ft. It has front and all-wheel drive configurations.

Slightly less powerful is the 2024 Toyota Highlander. According to Edmunds, it uses a turbocharged 2.4-liter, but its maximum output is 265 horsepower, and it has a torque of 310 lb-ft. This Toyota SUV uses an eight-speed automatic transmission and has front and all-wheel drive configurations. 

the 2024 Toyota Highlander
2024 Toyota Highlander | Toyota

Regarding speed, the base Lexus SUV accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 7.6 seconds. However, the Toyota is a little faster as it only takes 7.2 seconds for the feat. The Highlander also comes out on top regarding towing, as it can handle up to 5,000 pounds. The 2024 Lexus RX 350 can only tow up to 3,494 pounds. The 2023 version of both the Toyota Highlander and the Lexus RX 350 are similar to the new models in this regard.

The 2024 Toyota Highlander has a similar interior to the Lexus RX 350

These are both among the best midsize SUVs for interior space. However, the Toyota Highlander comes out on top in this regard for seating capacity. It can seat up to eight, while the Lexus SUV accommodates up to five people. However, the vehicles are much more comparable when it comes to specific dimensions.

Area2024 Toyota Highlander2024 Lexus RX 350
Length 194.9 in.192.5 in.
Max Cargo Space84.3 cu.ft.46.2 cu.ft.
Curb Weight4,155 lbs.4,155 lbs.
Front Head Room41.2 in.39.5 in.
Front Leg Room42.0 in.41.1 in.
Rear Head Room39.4 in.38.6 in.
Rear Leg Room38.7 in.37.4 in.

These SUVs have somewhat similar interiors, but the Lexus is better when it comes to overall presentation. Regarding technology, it comes standard with a 9.8-inch touchscreen. However, there is an optional 14-inch unit. The 2024 Toyota Highlander has a standard 8-inch display, but other trims get a 12.3-inch screen. 

Both SUVs have much to offer the market. However, the 2024 Toyota Highlander is more similar to the luxurious Lexus RX 350 than most would ever assume. It is also important to point out that many people will pick the Lexus SUV over the Highlander due to its longer warranty and perhaps even the differences in dealership quality.

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