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The Honda Civic is a compact car with trusted reliability and fun dynamics. Depending on its configuration, the Civic ranges from a sensible sedan to a track-ready hatchback. And with Honda’s reputation for quality, you know it’s good for the long haul.

For a personalized Civic, Honda offers many interior and exterior accessories. From economical add-ons to pricey bodywork, these options enhance comfort, convenience, and style. But is the Civic’s most expensive accessory worth it? Let’s find out.

What accessories are available on the 2024 Honda Civic?

Honda offers a range of Civic accessories that suit varying tastes and budgets. While many options focus on enhancing everyday convenience, others aim to improve style on the street. Here are some notable add-ons.

When living in a frigid climate, cold start-ups can be a chore. Not only does the engine struggle to turn over, but cold oil can accelerate engine wear. To that end, Honda offers an engine block heater for $92. And in addition to easier starts, the heater warms up quickly.

When transporting gear and groceries, they can jostle around the trunk, increasing noise and possibly causing damage. So it makes sense to add a trunk tray ($124) and trunk tray dividers ($65).

When it snows or rains, tracking in mud and ice can do a number on a vehicle’s floors. While carpeted floor mats are plush, they don’t provide all-weather protection. Honda offers sturdy all-season floor mats for $183.

Another useful all-weather accessory is the $113 splash guard set. In addition to offering paint protection, they add a little rally-car style.

But some exterior accessories come with a high price tag.

While the HPD decklid spoiler creates a sporty look, its $322 price tag is a nice chunk of change.

Though the HPD rear underbody spoiler is reminiscent of a race car’s diffuser, $322 is a lot to spend for a small cosmetic upgrade.

For $357, the HPD front underbody spoiler adds sleek curb appeal but doesn’t add much in the way of performance.

Topping the list as the most expensive Civic accessory is the HPD side underbody spoiler for $408. As something barely discernible to bystanders, it’s an accessory for devoted enthusiasts.

Is the Honda Civic’s most expensive accessory worth it?

Some Honda Civic accessories offer tangible benefits, while others are mainly for looks. Add-ons like an engine block heater or a trunk tray bring function and convenience for daily driving. On the other hand, styling options may only matter to serious enthusiasts. Does that make them worth the money?

That depends on what a particular driver is after. Those after added function and weather protection have good reason to buy trunk tray dividers and splash guards. Each offers solid advantages for a somewhat low cost.

But HPD bodywork accessories carry a high price tag and only make sense for those after ultimate curb appeal. Altogether, the front/rear/side HPD bodywork totals $1,409. That’s a lot of coin. And it’s money that could be spent on upgraded brake pads, new tires, or an exhaust system. So it comes down to looks versus performance.

The 2024 Honda Civic is a well-built vehicle with superb engineering and solid dynamics. Adding accessories lets drivers pick and choose options that enhance their daily drive. While some concentrate on convenience, others focus on appearance. Though cosmetic enhancements cost a lot, they might be worth it to some. But for most, they don’t make sense.


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