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In 2021, when the Ford Bronco Sport first came out, the hype was around it being Ford’s first affordable Bronco. The base price for a standard Bronco was $33,200 for the four-door, while the Bronco Sport came in at $28,710. With Ford announcing 2024 Bronco Sport prices, in just three years it is now inching toward that 2021 Bronco MSRP, and is now over $30,000. We’d say the affordable Bronco Sport is no longer affordable in 2024.

Cheapest Ford Bronco Sport cut from lineup

The Base Bronco Sport, the least expensive of the trims, has been cut from the 2024 lineup. So now, the least-expensive Big Bend Bronco Sport starts off at $31,230. That’s only a couple of grand shy of the standard four-door Bronco’s 2021 price. Oh, and that does not include destination and delivery charges. 

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend with Black Appearance package
2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend | Ford

What’s new with the 2024 Bronco Sport?

While you might expect there to be some big changes from the 2023 model, there really aren’t. Yes, there are new paint colors and the typical rearranging of options. However, Ford is adding two new trims.

One is the Black Appearance Package which can be added to the Big Bend trim. This gets buyers a Carbon Black grille, two-tone Bronco badges, black wheels and hood graphics, Shadow Black roof, black trim, and black-chrome Ford Blue Oval badge. In the cabin, the seats are Sport Contour versions and a black bucking Bronco badge over the airbag cover. 

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheelin package parked on dirt
2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheelin package | Ford

The Free Wheelin package harkens back to the 1970s red, orange, and yellow graphic stripes. The wheels are black with red accents and silver highlights. Grilles and some trim get silver paint, and other details get different finishes. Inside, the seat inserts have graphic stripes and pinstriping on the dash and seats.

For comparison, the 2024 Bronco Big Bend (yes, there is also a Big Bend in the standard Bronco lineup) is just shy of $40,000. So, yeah, it has hit the $40K threshold as the Bronco Sport did the $30K price. And it still comes as a two- or four-door, and with a manual or automatic transmission. In fact, we’d say there are way more options and combinations than with the Jeep Wrangler.

How much is a fully loaded 2024 Ford Bronco?

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Black Appearance package in night shot
2024 Ford Bronco Sport Black Appearance package | Ford

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Owners Are Happier Than Bronco Owners in 1 Important Area

Going with the top-of-the-line Heritage Limited Edition, you pass the $70K mark at $71,580. Those models in the middle offer the best selection of options and things like GOAT drive modes, but then you’re looking at around $50,000. Beyond some trim shuffling, not much changes from the 2023 Bronco. 

The premium 12-inch infotainment screen is now standard across the board. The Badlands trim gets some additional items not available with the 2023 version. But overall, as supply lines are almost back to normal, the higher cost of components and manufacturing is reflected in these new prices.

But if you think these 2024 Ford prices are bad, wait until the cost of the UAW strike becomes a factor in future increases. Which you know there will be.