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The current Camaro is not selling well. But that doesn’t mean GM isn’t looking at the next generation of the Camaro. Anything and everything being developed by GM at this point will be electric, so if it pulls the trigger on a new Camaro that’s what it will be.

Rumors suggest the next Camaro might be an electric Cadillac and not a Chevy

But that doesn’t mean it has to be a Chevy Camaro. Rumors are floating around that suggest the next Camaro might be a Cadillac Camaro and not a Chevy Camaro. Don’t shoot the messenger, we’re just passing along information.

We know that GM is working on a “sports car” that is not a Corvette. It even hinted at it when it debuted its Ultium EV platform. And GM is proud to tell anyone who will listen that the Ultium platform will work for anything from a truck to a Camaro. 

And that’s the other reason why there is some truth to the Camaro EV rumors. Camaro volume on an electric platform being amortized over several different divisions and types of vehicles doesn’t have to be a huge seller to justify developing it. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be an EV two- or four-seater with a low roof. 

The electric Ultium platform could “accommodate” a Camaro

While always coy about future models, GM President Mark Reuss said on Fox Garage that the Ultium platform could “accommodate” a Camaro. Because of the wafer-like electric panels used, a tall vehicle like a truck would arrange those panels on end like files in a cabinet. But for a low silhouette vehicle, they can be stacked to lower the overall height needed. 

So a vehicle with Ultium battery cells stacked would work nicely for the next generation of Camaro. The first two vehicles coming out of GM with cells arranged like in a filing cabinet are the Hummer and the Cadillac Lyriq. Reuss said that the flagship Cadillac Celestiq will feature stacked cells to reduce overall height. 

“What we’ve done with those modules and cells is put those on their sides, to get the H-point (hip point) down, and get the roofline down on the car,” he told Fox Garage. “So that car is a very low-roof car and that sort of sets up that variant of the Ultium platform.” Keep in mind Reuss says a car like the Camaro could be made from the Ultium platform. 

Maybe Cadillac will be the division to offer a few cars?

For the time being Cadillac will be the first GM division to go all EV. So maybe an electric Camaro is thought to solidify to consumers that reality. Or maybe Chevy won’t offer anything other than trucks and SUVs and Cadillac will be the division to offer a few cars. 

But that presumes this whole Cadillac Camaro thing is happening. We don’t know more than the rumors. But we do know Chevy already makes an electric Camaro.

The eCopo Camaro drag car came out in 2018 with a 700 hp electric motor. Chevy took its limited Copo Camaro and swapped out the V8 to promote the eCrate aftermarket electric conversions GM offers. Though not street legal, it helps pave the way for a potential next-generation electrified Camaro.