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By now it’s beyond trite to mention that the BMW Z4 and Toyota GR Supra are essentially the same car. And while the platforms are identical, what each brand has done with these components creates two unique drives. See what splits the 2024 BMW Z4 and 2024 Toyota GR Supra and you’ll find two sports cars worthy of your time for very different reasons.

2024 BMW Z4 vs 2024 Toyota GR Supra: By the Numbers

BMW Z4 sDrive30i 2.0TToyota Supra 2.0TBMW Z4 M40iToyota Supra 3.0T
Starting Price$53,600$45,540$66,300$54,500
0-605.14.73.5Manual: 3.9
Auto: 3.7
TransmissionZF 8 AutomaticZF 8 AutomaticZF 8 AutomaticZF 8 Automatic
6-spd manual (opt.)

Yes, the Toyota Supra is basically a BMW, but it’s not that simple

Purple 2024 BMW Z4 from the rear
2024 BMW Z4 | BMW

Sure, the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra sit on the same frame with the same engines under the hood. But by the numbers, it’s clear that the similarities end there. Interestingly, Car and Driver reports that the BMW is quicker to 60 mph despite its increase in weight. Typically, convertibles aren’t all about performance, but the Z4 punches above its weight, quite literally.

BMW and Toyota may be using the same engine hardware, but the tuning of each is left up to the manufacturer. That means a BMW that is tuned for a more low-end punch. In the 2.0-liter Z4, torque peaks at 1,500 rpm while the Supra hits the same peak at 1,550 rpm.

The difference is even more pronounced in the 3.0-liter turbo. Here, the BMW Z4 hits a torque peak at 1,600 rpm, a full 200 rpm sooner than the Toyota Supra. The BMW also offers peak power at 5,000 rpm compared to 5,800 in the Toyota. These lower curve peaks mean that the BMW accelerates harder while the Supra is tuned for more top-end performance.

Drop top or coupe?

2024 BMW Z4 convertible with the top going down
2024 BMW Z4 | BMW

The biggest split between these two unlikely cousins is in their overall body style. Both are rear-drive sports cars, but the BMW Z4 is convertible only while the MKV Supra is strictly a coupe. For the sports car purist, that means putting the 2024 Supra in the driveway. Meanwhile, you grand tourers and weekend road trippers will appreciate the drop-top whimsy of the Z4 instead.

Importantly, BMW did well to isolate the BMW Z4 for a truly luxurious experience. With the top up, the cabin is whisper quiet. That’s a quality you don’t find in many convertibles, and it’s a testament to BMW’s commitment to creating an upscale driving experience, even in a sports car.

The manual Supra is an enthusiast special

Toyota GR Supra and Supra GT4 Evo race car
2024 Toyota GR Supra and GR Supra GT4 EVO | Toyota

Pushing the 2024 Toyota Supra even further into purist territory is the available six-speed manual transmission. Sure, the ZF eight-speed automatic is a bit of techno-mechanical wizardry. Lighting quick shifts, burnouts, and minimal driveline drag make it the most sought-after automatic transmission in the sports car space.

But even with a slight performance deficit, there’s no denying the experience that comes with a manual transmission. It’s just more fun to wring the last bits of performance out of a car when you’ve got more tools at your disposal. Whether it’s a quick heel-toe downshift on a mountain pass or rifling through the gears getting up to speed, a three-pedal setup is just more satisfying.

Is the 2024 Z4 or Supra a better sports car?

That all depends on who you are. For purists, the manual Toyota Supra is a dream come true. But for those who want a grand touring sports car, the BMW Z4 has the punch and panache to make even the longest road trips a joy. In truth, both are highly capable of delivering a smile, so go with the one that best speaks to you and leave the spec sheet out of it.

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