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If you haven’t gotten back on the Toyota Supra hype train, you still have some time to catch up. With the announcement of the limited edition 2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition, this famous car might have more fans than ever. Why is the 2024 GR Supra worth the wait over the current version? TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has been hard at work, making this limited edition version of the legendary sports car worthy of the Supra name.

Is the limited edition 2024 Toyota GR Supra 45th Anniversary worth the wait?

Limited Edition 2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition
2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition | Toyota

Even though Toyota announced the limited edition 2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary, the arrival can’t come soon enough. After over 45 years, the automaker is celebrating one of its most popular vehicles among enthusiasts. For those big on the Supra, Toyota pays homage to its origins with upgraded suspension and other TOYOTA GAZOO Racing upgrades.

Toyota says the GR Supra 45th Anniversary edition will come in Mikan Blast or Absolute Zero in a nod to the 1990s models. These limited edition versions are built on the 3.0 Premium Grade and comes with a manually adjustable rear spoiler. If there is one thing that makes the Supra stand out, it is the spoiler. You’ll have to get out and adjust it via a screw, which allows you to change how much downforce is applied.

If you have been holding out for a new version, the 2024 GR Supra is limited to only 900 units. That will be split evenly between the Mikan Blast orange and Absolute Zero white. With 450 of each color up for grabs, ordering will probably not be open for long.

How much horsepower does the 2024 Toyota GR Supra have?

All 3.0 Supra models, such as the 2024 Toyota GR Supra, get the same B58 inline six-cylinder 3.0L turbo engine. This gives the car 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. Toyota hasn’t said how much this version weighs, but the 2023 Supra weighed between 3,389 and 3,411 pounds.

Those who order the new GR Supra can choose between a paddle-shift eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission. The 45th Anniversary Edition has matte-black finished 19-inch aluminum wheels and matching black brake calipers. If it looks a little like the orange Supra in The Fast and the Furious, that was intentional.

A few limited edition models have been since the Supra nameplate was revived, including the Launch, A91, A91 Carbon Fiber, and A91MT, and now the 45th Anniversary. As sports car numbers dwindle yearly, each one is worth holding on to.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing made some GR Supra improvements

MkIV Supra
MkIV Supra | Toyota

The 2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary will improve on last year’s suspension with better shock absorbers and tuned electric power steering. A rear sport differential was standard last year and will likely be for 2024. Normal, Sport, and Individual modes help adjust the suspension and power steering settings for a quick response. On top of that, the Adaptative Variable Suspension (AVS) improves the ride further.

Beyond all the technical details, the newest Supra looks cool and fun to drive. Especially the fact that Toyota will offer it with a manual transmission. While some automakers have been trying to offer this transmission, it gets harder to find every year. Keeping TOYOTA GAZOO Racing on the case has made for another Supra worthy of the name.