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The 2024 BMW M2 has track dynamics and day-to-day versatility. With a powerful turbo engine, this sports coupe hangs with the fastest cars on the street. Additionally, the brand’s typical luxury makes it comfortable on any trip.

However, the M2 isn’t just a strong motor and a sport-tuned chassis. Additional standout features show BMW’s technical expertise, bringing modern comfort and convenience. It’s the best of both worlds. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the 2024 BMW M2 and some of its hidden highlights.

Smart features for a high-tech ride

While the 2024 BMW M2 has more than enough performance, it also has an array of smart features. These complement the sports coupe’s athletic dynamics for a tech-focused driving experience. Here are some highlights.

A 14.9-inch central information display runs BMW’s iDrive 8 interface. Drivers can adjust settings via touchscreen or rotary knob for anything from music to temperature. Also included are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless connectivity.

A 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster provides instant data and a high-tech feel. It’s reminiscent of a glass cockpit in an airplane.

The My BMW app offers convenience like never before. Drivers can monitor their vehicle’s tire pressure and fuel levels to ensure safe travel. On eight-speed auto-equipped models, remote start helps warm up the engine and can also set the cabin temperature. Not only that, but the app also locates points of interest.

City travel often involves traffic jams and slow travel. To optimize every trip, Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information relays current traffic and accident reports.

Lastly, Active Driving Assistant adds an extra layer of safety on the road. Standard features include Active Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Departure Warning, and Active Blind Spot Detection.

The 2024 BMW M2 is a mix of sport and luxury

With a motorsports-inspired powerplant and agile chassis, the 2024 BMW M2 can carve corners with the best of them. However, it also displays high-end luxury, making it an ideal blend of performance and comfort.

Inside, the M2 blends high-quality materials, sleek design, and high technology. Carbon and metal trim create a bespoke feel. A thick-trimmed steering wheel looks made for performance driving. And Vernasca leather sports seats offer comfort and support.

Exquisite fit and finish only enhance the package, creating a cockpit worthy of the finest luxury cars. It’s just a nice place to take a drive.

2024 BMW M2: Pricing and specs

The 2024 BMW M2 starts at $64,195 (including destination). For that, buyers get a luxury sports coupe that can hang with anything. It’s the perfect combo of performance and comfort.

Under the hood, BMW’s legendary inline-six design appears in turbocharged form. Displacing 3.0 liters, it produces 453 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. A classic six-speed manual is standard, while a quick-shifting M Sport eight-speed auto is optional. Meanwhile, traditional rear-wheel drive enhances steering and grip.

An Active M Differential continually monitors wheel speed and steering angle for superb traction and cornering. Active M Suspension uses magnetic dampening to adjust to changing road conditions. And huge monoblock front brake calipers scrub speed with authority.

Outside, the M2 hearkens back to M cars of the past, with prominent fenders and muscular proportions. Ample M badging shows it’s no ordinary sports car, and 19/20″ M jet black double-spoke alloy wheels create a powerful stance.

The aforementioned interior is high-tech and luxurious, adding long-ride comfort to a high-performance car. Buyers can personalize their driving environment with the Carbon Package ($9,900), consisting of carbon fiber trim and sport bucket seats. Also included is a lightweight carbon roof.

The 2024 BMW M2 combines driving performance and upscale luxury like few vehicles. From its tuned engine to its luxurious interior, this sports car is strong and comfortable. Additionally, with an exterior that looks ready to race, this sports coupe is a sight to see. BMW’s smart features only add to that, enhancing convenience and safety. Simply put, the M2 has it all.

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