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2023 Camry vs. 2022 Corolla comparison highlights:

  • The 2023 Toyota Camry is more spacious and comfortable.
  • The new 2022 Corolla is cheaper and more economical.
  • Cargo storage is similar, though the Camry has slightly more trunk space.
  • Both the 2023 Camry and the 2022 Corolla have a hybrid variant.

The 2023 Toyota Camry didn’t come with the full redesign we’d hoped for. However, it does continue with the eighth-gen Camry’s commitment to practicality and reliability. Both the Camry and Corolla are compelling options for new cars. Both sedans are leaders in their respective classes for affordability and safety. Choosing between the new 2023 Camry vs. the 2022 Corolla may be harder than you think.

2023 Toyota Camry 2022 Toyota Corolla
Starting price~$26,000$20,425
Engine2.5-liter four-cylinder
3.5-liter V6
1.8-liter four-cylinder
2.0-liter four-cylinder
Horsepower 202 – 301 hp139 – 169 hp
Torque182 – 267 lb-ft126 – 151 lb-ft
TransmissionEight-speed automatic transmission6-speed manual
MPG Rating28 city / 39 highway31 city / 40 highway
Body styleMidsize sedanCompact sedan/Compact hatchback
Trunk space15.1 cu. ft.13.1 cu. ft.
IIHS Safety RatingN/ATop Safety Pick +
NHTSA Safety RatingN/A★★★★★

Toyota Camry vs. Corolla: differences and similarities

Where they’re similar: 

Both the 2023 Camry and the 2022 Corolla offer comfortable seating for five and are reliable and affordable options. Both cars can be equipped with multiple engine options, including a hybrid powertrain. Furthermore, the Camry and Corolla both offer the Toyota Nightshade package

Currently, the Corolla is a Top Safety Pick+. The 2023 Camry hasn’t yet been rated, but it will likely receive the same designation. 

Where they’re different: 

Since Toyota builds both of these practical and efficient family sedans, they have plenty in common. However, since they’re in two different classes, there are some key differences. The midsize 2023 Toyota Camry is larger than the compact 2022 Toyota Corolla. It offers more interior passenger volume and trunk space. The new Corolla is cheaper and more fuel-efficient overall than the refreshed Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Camry offers an available V6 engine and all-wheel drive. The Corolla, however, only offers four-cylinder engine options and no all-wheel drive system.

The new Toyota Corolla is a more economical commuter car

The 2022 Corolla starts at just $20,425. Such an affordable price makes this compact car one of the cheapest on the market for what it offers. Similarly, even the most expensive Corolla model, the 2022 XSE Apex Edition, starts at only $28,710. 

The most fuel-efficient Corolla gas models can see up to 31 mpg in the city and up to 40 mpg on the highway. The 2022 Camry Hybrid LE is one of the most economical in the segment. You can see up to 53 mpg in the city and 52 mpg on the highway when driving this affordable hybrid car.

The 2023 Camry is also efficient. However, its larger size and higher power give the Camry slightly lower fuel-economy ratings than its smaller sibling.

The new 2023 Toyota Camry is more engaging to drive

The Toyota Camry, the best-selling car of 2022, sees few changes to its powertrain options for the new model year. Both its four-cylinder and V6 engines offer over 200 horsepower and impressive engagement for an economy sedan. The availability of all-wheel drive adds a dash of capability to this practical sedan.

It’s still one of the few sedans with a V6 engine, and the Camry’s TRD model offers fun performance for a surprisingly low starting price. 

2023 Camry vs. 2022 Corolla: Choose the Camry for legroom or performance, the Corolla for the price

The CarMax video above addresses slightly older Camry vs. Corolla models, but since neither of these cars has seen a significant redesign in the past two years, the comparison can still be helpful. Most of the features and specs will be similar to today’s new cars.

Overall, both the 2023 Camry and the 2022 Corolla are a great buy. However, the Toyota Camry is the better option if you’re looking for more legroom or better performance on your commute. The Toyota Corolla is the better choice if you’re strictly shopping based on price.

One of the things to know about the new 2023 Toyota Camry is that it offers 18 model configurations—and the 2022 Corolla offers quite the handful, as well. So, even if you do decide between the Camry vs. Corolla, you’ve got plenty more options to weigh.

Though, it may just be worth waiting. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Camry is due for a refresh. We may see an all-new model next year.


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