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Toyota isn’t exactly known for being edgy. In fact, it’s made its reputation on minimalism, practicality, and predictability. Those things aren’t swoon-worthy by any means, but they’re reliable. However, that dull practicality may be exactly why it’s such a big, exciting deal when Toyota does pull a trick out of its sleeve—a trick like the Toyota Nightshade Edition package. What is the Nightshade special all about?

What is the Nightshade package?

This package started as an option on limited-edition Toyotas, but it’s stuck around. The package differs slightly model by model. Overall, it’s an exterior design options package available on select new Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids. It’s essentially a black-out design package with a few shiny details thrown in.

Exterior colors usually include Midnight Black and White, but Reservoir Blue is new for the 2023 Camry. Other dark and moody shades may be available on select models.

Toyota Corolla Nightshade and Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition

Toyota’s pint-sized performer brings a dark new aura with this package option. The special-edition package is available on the Corolla compact sedan and the hatchback. It’s easy to admit that it looks great on the small car.

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hatchback? These two cars offer:

  • 18-inch black wheels (both)
  • Sport mesh front grille in black with black bumpers (sedan only)
  • Black front lower grille (hatchback only)
  • Black exterior mirrors, door handles, and antenna (both)
  • Black rear spoiler and side rocker panels (hatchback only)
  • All-black Toyota badging (rear only hatchback)
  • Dual black exhaust diffusers (hatchback only)

Camry Nightshade Edition

Toyota Camry Nightshade Edition, close-up of the rear darkened badging
Toyota Camry Nightshade Edition | Toyota

The Camry Nightshade Edition is one of the few that can be equipped on either the gas model or the hybrid model. This Toyota package option is growing in popularity, and the company expects higher sales for the 2023 model than for the 2022 model.

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Camry?

  • 18-inch black wheels
  • Black-out badging in the rear
  • Black exterior mirror caps, rear spoiler, window trim, door handles, and antenna

Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition

This special-edition Tacoma looks fantastic. Who doesn’t love a taco with an extra dose of attitude? The package is only available on Double Cab Tacoma 4×2 or 4×4. Get all the look and feel of a custom-painted truck at a much lower price. 

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Tacoma? This black-out pickup truck brings: 

  • 18-inch dark smoke wheels 
  • Dark smoke exhaust tip
  • Black exterior mirror caps, door handles, and fog light bezels
  • Dark chrome front grille
  • Black badging in the rear

Toyota C-HR Nightshade Edition

Dark red Toyota C-HR Nightshade Edition in a dark and moody photoshoot location
Toyota C-HR Nightshade Edition | Toyota

The C-HR subcompact crossover is one of the models that work best with this special-edition package option. It brings that hot-hatch shape that’s just begging to be customized with an all-black exterior. 

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota C-HR? This small SUV offers:

  • Black door handles
  • Black “chin” spoiler
  • Black roof 
  • Black interior and a gunmetal trim
  • 18-inch black sport wheels
  • Black badging in the rear 

Sequoia Nightshade Edition

As if your full-size SUV needed anything else to look intimidating, the Sequoia Nightshade Edition brings a seriously aggressive look. Soccer mom stereotypes, step aside—this Sequoia means business.

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Sequoia? The XL SUV offers:

  • 20-inch black alloy wheels
  • Dark chrome surrounds around the LED fog lights
  • Black badging
  • Black bumpers, outside mirrors, and door handles
  • A black leather interior

Prius Nightshade Edition

Toyota Prius Nightshade Edition in black, with blacked-out badging in the rear
Toyota Prius Nightshade Edition

Nothing says “bad***” like a Prius, right? The Prius Nightshade Edition adopts a goth look with this package option. It’s the closest it’s ever come to being cool, but that’s ok. It’s the most fuel-efficient model in the family.

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Prius? This eco-friendly hybrid car comes with: 

  • Black-painted wheels (15-inch on AWD models, 17-inch on FWD models)
  • Black accents on the headlights
  • Black badging on the rear
  • Black bezels on LED accent lights

Avalon Hybrid Nightshade Edition


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The Avalon Nightshade Edition is the most luxurious of the special-edition black-out Toyotas, and for some reason, it’s only available on the Hybrid model. However, this will be the last year that it’s available. This best-in-class full-size sedan is going away after the 2022 model year.

What does the Nightshade package mean for the Toyota Avalon Hybrid? The model comes with: 

  • 19-inch black wheels
  • Blacked-out Toyota badging on the back
  • Black exterior mirror caps, rear spoiler, door handles, and antenna

Will other Toyota cars offer the Nightshade Special Edition package?

According to Toyota, these are the only eight models that currently offer this special-edition package. The Toyota 4Runner and the Tundra included this package in the past, and it may come back again. But, we do know that the 2023 Toyota Venza will offer a Nightshade Edition model.

We’re unsure if we can look forward to a RAV4 or Highlander Nightshade Edition. Personally, I think a Toyota Sienna Nightshade would look awesome. You’ve got one vote for a baller, blacked-out minivan, Toyota.