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When Mitsubishi announced it was reviving its road racing Ralliart division, we expected great things. Part of its purpose was to jump back into professional off-road racing. The other was to spinoff some performance versions of its production Mitsubishi models. The first of those is the 2023 Mirage Ralliart. While we love what it’s done for visuals, we’re disappointed in the rest of the package. 

Actually, the visuals are the package. There are no performance upgrades. None. For being a Ralliart Mirage, to live up to its great past, this needs to be more than a sticker package. Unfortunately, it’s not.

What is the Mirage Ralliart package?

2023 Mitsubishi Mirage
2023 Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart | Mitsubishi

But here’s what the Ralliart package gets you. The black wheel surrounds extend back into both the front and rear fenders. They extend down into separate mudflaps. Adding to the aggressive appearance are 15-inch black alloy wheels, black and red graphics splashes on the rear quarter panels, and black accessories and details sprinkled around the exterior. 

All of this is in keeping with what we expect from a Ralliart package. But that is as far as the Ralliart Mirage goes. While we weren’t expecting it to look like the Mirage R5 rally car, we expected some engine and suspension tweaks. You know, a sports suspension, as most all performance editions offer. Even Mitsubishi advertises “From the rally course to the streets.”

“From the rally course to the street”

2023 Mitsubishi Mirage
2023 Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart | Mitsubishi

There is no manual transmission. In fact, the Mirage Ralliart is stuck with a CVT automatic. If all the Ralliart offered of a performance bent were a manual, we’d be good with what Mitsubishi hath wrought. A bunch of stickers and a manual, and the world is good. 

Yes, a spartan interior with a slightly firmer suspension and a manual. That would have justified its $20,000 MSRP. After all, a base Mirage is $16,245, so there should be a bit more than decals for an extra four Gs. We would also suggest that with the Mirage’s reputation for being a cheap, less-than-stellar vehicle, what we’re proposing would definitely have boosted its rather gloomy image. 

What kind of mileage and warranty does the Mirage have?

2023 Mitsubishi Mirage
2023 Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart | Mitsubishi

All of that added to the standard Mirage, and buyers would have something. With 36 mpg City and 42 mpg Highway, it’s a fuel sipper. And then there’s the 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty covering the powertrain. 

We expect more as Mitsubishi slowly recovers in the U.S. with the success of the Outlander SUV. It has perked up Mistubishi’s floor traffic, outlook, and numbers, as earlier it looked like it was about to check out in America. 

Hey Mitsubishi, you’re walking a tightrope right now, so don’t ruin it. Do your consumer clinics and roundtables, and then make what your fans are asking for. Remember those 3000 GTs and Lancer EVOs you once proudly offered? Well, bring those back too. 


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