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BMW tried to keep these new luxury sport utility vehicles under wrap, but that didn’t go as planned. Specs for the new 2023 BMW iX1 and 2023 BMW X1 have leaked ahead of the debut this week. What do the leaked marketing materials tell us?

The 2023 BMW iX1 electric SUV doesn’t have a price yet

The 2023 BMW iX1 and BMW X1 luxury SUV have leaked
The 2023 BMW iX1 under wraps | BMW

BMW planned to release the 2023 BMW iX1 and 2023 BMW X1 today, but the internet had other plans. The iX1 is the electric SUV version of the regular gasoline-powered X1. Information about the electric SUV and regular gasoline can be seen in German advertising images showing some specs on Auto Evolution.

Based on the leaked images, the BMW iX1 will accept charging up to 11 kW. An additional accessory will allow it to charge up to 22 kW. The electric SUV will get a 64.7 kWh battery that can utilize DC Fast-Charging up to 130 kW. That works out to about 75 miles of range in 10 minutes. A full charge from 10% State of Charge (SoC) to 80% SoC could be completed in under 30 minutes.

The iX1 will be more aerodynamic than any electric SUV, which means BMW has been hard at work behind the scenes. The German ad materials say the drag coefficient is only 0.26, which is impressive. The range is estimated to be around 272 miles and comes with a dual-motor configuration. Both motos have a maximum power of 200 kW, with a boost function offering another 30 kW or 40 hp. The 2023 iX1 will get 268 hp under usual driving conditions. With the aforementioned power boost, this bumps it up to around 308 hp for a brief moment.

The 2023 BMW X1 will get more cargo space and a redesigned digital cluster

Along with the iX1, specs about the 2023 BMW X1 have also leaked. The marketing materials show that the BMW luxury SUV will get a 19 to 56 cubic feet trunk capacity. The cargo space and interior were previously a source of contention for buyers and have been redesigned for 2023. A new 10.25-inch digital gauge cluster and 10.7-inch touchscreen display are visible.

The 2023 X1 will get traditional buttons on the steering wheel, which most people prefer over digital controls. Wireless charging is a new addition this year as well. BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional is visible, which features Augmented View and the Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Both luxury SUVs are slated for release later this year

The automaker has not confirmed details about both the 2023 BMW iX1 and 2023 BMW X1. BMW fans will be happy to know that both luxury sport utility vehicles have regular-sized grilles in the leaked materials. This, more than anything else, has been an issue for buyers in recent years.

Both luxury SUVs look like BMW models of the past, specifically the X3 SUV. While the 2023 BMW iX1 doesn’t look like an electric SUV, that’s probably good. BMW has been straying from the design language that buyers seem to want and just adding large kidney grilles to every vehicle. Thankfully, these two options don’t offer the large grille attribute.


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