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The 2022 Ram Power Wagon is on its way, and from reports from those who’ve caught a glimpse, it should be better than ever. If you’ll be car shopping for a new truck, you might want to pay attention. What do we know about the 2022 Ram Power Wagon and what’s new for 2022?

A blue 2021 Ram Power Wagon parked on dirt and gravel.
2021 Ram Power Wagon | Ram

Where does the Ram Power Wagon come from?

A dark gray 2021 Ram Power Wagon against a black background.
2021 Ram Power Wagon | Ram

The Ram Power Wagon 2500 is a favorite of Ram truck enthusiasts. It’s been part of the then-Dodge lineup since 1945, modeled after military trucks used in World War II. It’s been through many iterations since then, even being cut from the Dodge lineup and brought back.

The Ram Power Wagon that we’re all familiar with has been around since 2005. Since then the Power wagon has had features that regular Ram 2500s don’t, like bigger wheels and engines. 

Ram split off on its own, and the Power Wagon has been under the Ram name ever since. In 2021, Ram released a 75th Anniversary Edition Ram Power Wagon, and as you might expect, Ram fans were enthused. 

What features is the 2022 Ram Power Wagon likely to have?

The 2022 Ram Power Wagon is likely to have the same engine as the 2021 model, according to Mopar Insiders. This is a 6.4-liter V8 that gets 410 horsepower. The Ram Power Wagon has an 8-speed transmission and four-wheel drive. Unlike the 2021 Ram Power Wagon, the 2022 model may not have the 17” bead-lock wheels that the 2021 model had. 

The 2022 Ram Power Wagon is likely to be pretty similar to the 2021 Power Wagon Anniversary Edition. It could have a couple of extras thrown in. Rumor has it that there will be a package called “Level 3” that has Anniversary Edition upgrades, which would be a nice plus for the Ram Power Wagon. 

The 2021 Power Wagon had a luxurious feel to it with power-folding side mirrors, adjustable seats, and auto high beam headlights. It also had a cool grill with RAM in silver, which Ram enthusiasts favored. The 2021 Power Wagon had 360-degree cameras and heated and ventilated seats, which Ram fans (and potential truck buyers) will see as a nice addition. 

The bench seat in back will also be heated, which is a huge plus to anyone who’s ever had to sit in the back of a cold truck while the front seat passengers are toasty warm. There’s a general thought that Ram will continue these features in the 2022 model, since they were fan favorites on the special edition model. 

When can I get my 2022 Ram Power Wagon?

There’s currently no word on when the 2022 Power Wagon will be available. It’s likely to come onto the market later in 2021, but again, there’s no official word on the details of the 2022 Power Wagon’s release. Although there’s no official price tag for the truck, it’s likely to cost around $55,000 for the aforementioned Level 3 package, with comes with all the extras. 

In past models, the Power Wagon came standard with a 12-inch display, leather upholstery with seating for five, 360-degree cameras, heated seats and steering wheels, and premium sound systems by Harman Kardon.

If you’ve been following the trajectory of Ram trucks, the release of the 2022 Ram Power Wagon is sure to be exciting. Hopefully Ram will come out with pictures and official details in the next few months.


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