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If you’re in the market for a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, you may discover more options than you knew existed. For example, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is available alongside the new generation models. 

Is the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK worth buying? 

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK driving on the road
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK | Jeep

Yes, if you don’t like how the new Jeep Grand Cherokee models look, you can save with a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK. The Grand Cherokee WK is a continuation of the previous model.

The practice of selling previous-generation models along with redesigned options isn’t new. Auto manufacturers do this to help clear out inventory and to provide a stopgap vehicle as production of the new model gets started. 

Also, the WK model is incredibly popular. It just had its strongest sales during 2021, which is pretty unique for an outgoing model. The WK generation made its debut in 2011 and only got more enticing. 

If it’s getting sales, why pull it from the chopping block? It’s almost similar to how the Ram 1500 Classis is still offered beside the current generation model. People still want it. 

Stellantis Communications Manager Lisa Barrow shared that the Jeep Brand has an opportunity to take advantage of WK capacity and utilize the volume to increase market share. She noted that Stellantis will build it to match demand. 

How much does the Grand Cherokee WK cost? 

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK has an MSRP of $34,900. This price doesn’t include the destination fee or dealership markups. According to, the Grand Cherokee WK has a $1,595 destination charge. 

Also, the trim levels were reduced from eight to three. Some colors and options were dropped too. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, but each model is available with four-wheel drive. You can get the Laredo E, Laredo X, or Laredo Limited model. 

The fifth-generation Grand Cherokee starts at about $38,325, and the top-spec Summit trim increases the price to around $58,300. It’s larger, more spacious, and more advanced than the WK version. 

Plus, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L adds a third row, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe adds hybrid power. 

Barrow didn’t share how loke the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK will be in demand. But Jeep will make that decision in alignment with demand. So go get the WK before it’s really gone! 

How much power does the Grand Cherokee WK have?

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK parked
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK | Jeep

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Gained Beefier Off-Roading Upgrades

It looks like the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is available with the 3.6-liter V6 engine that cranks out 295 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. This could be disappointing to those who want one of the V8 options. Also, forget about finding a new TrackHawk for now. 

When properly equipped, the Grand Cherokee WK can tow up to 6,200 lbs with the V6 engine. With the 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine, it can tow up to 7,200 lbs. If you want more power, consider a used model. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is the most awarded SUV ever, making it well worth buying. With the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System or the Quadra-Tech II 4×4 system, this Jeep can go almost anywhere in style.