2022 Honda CBR250RR Debuts a New Color

The Honda motorcycle lineup for 2022 is impressive, with plenty of options for motorsports enthusiasts. The Honda CBR250RR motorcycle is replacing the bold red color palette of 2021 with a new color scheme that has critics raving. While the features of this year’s model are mostly the same as the 2021 Honda CBR250RR, the new splash of color creates an aggressive racing style appearance that is undeniably extraordinary.

The 2022 Honda CBR250RR

A red and white Honda motorcycle logo on a black background.
Honda motorcycle logo | Getty Images

The 2022 Honda CBR250RR is a favorite quarter-liter sportbike in the Japanese market. Powered by a 250 cc fuel-injected parallel-twin cylinder engine, the liquid-cooled motor churns 40 hp with 18 lb-ft of torque.

The small size allows the powerful bike to take on the toughest of twisty turns and technical tracks. The six-speed manual transmission provides precision engagement, and the quick shifter and slipper clutch provide peak performance capabilities. An electric throttle-by-wire control system improves overall ride dynamics considerably.

Unchanged from last year’s design, the 2022 Honda CBR250RR features a unique LCD fully digital instrument console. The driver has a clear view of the fuel gauge, ride mode, and gear position, all easily identified in the cluster.

The CBR250RR offers Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ as ride modes and standard dual-channel ABS disc brakes at both ends.

The new Trico Edition color scheme

In 2021, Honda introduced a tricolor scheme in the CRF1100L Africa Twin, which had great success. This year, the 2022 Honda CBR250RR is getting the color choice upgrade.

The all-new Trico Edition color scheme consists of three primary colors. While red, white, and blue are synonymous with the United States, the new variant is only slated for the Malaysian market.

The predominant color of the bike is red, appearing on the front fender, seat frame, side fairing, fuel tank, and headlamp cowl. The blue color stretches along both sides of the 2022 Honda CBR250RR. The side fairing and branding elements are white, accenting the vibrant Trico Edition color scheme.

The three colors, inspired by Honda racing bikes, combine to create the perfect contrast to the bike’s core parts, such as the chassis, alloy wheels, and engine, that are blacked-out.

Additional options for the 2022 Honda CBR250RR

Honda realizes that not everyone wants a flashy bike, so it offers a Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic color for the 2022 Honda CBR250RR. The sleek look and feel of the all-black bike feature bright red highlights for the perfect contrasting effect. Rush Lane points out that “While Trico Edition seems more fun and livelier, the black theme is all about stealth, power, and intrigue.”

The Bravery Red Black color scheme is still an available option. Combining the red and black colors creates an aggressive, sporty look for the Honda bike.


Honda Has a Motorcycle That Can Rev Higher Than a Formula 1 Car

In Japan, consumers can select the Graphite Black package for the 2022 model of the Honda CBR250RR. According to Ride Apart, the new color option offers a “sleek aesthetic” that “exudes stealth and elegance, and really accentuates the aggressive styling of this machine.”

For riders more interested in power than color choices, check out the street-legal 1990 CBR2500RR MC22—the old-school bike out-revs a Formula One car. At first glance, it is unimpressive, with a 249 cc inline-four engine that only puts out 44 hp and 18 lb-ft of torque. There it outperforms is in its redline capability of 19,000 RPM. Considering today’s F1 cars are blocked at 15,000 RPM, that’s a lot of power for a small motorcycle. 

So whether you want the newest color schemes or the shriek of a powerful sounding bike, the Honda CBR250RR has you covered.