The 2022 BMW X7 vs the 2022 Lincoln Navigator: There’s a Clear Winner

Those in the market for a luxury large SUV have a lot of great options, but few are as enticing as the 2022 BMW X7 and the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. It’s no surprise that many people may be torn between these two exquisite SUVs. Yet if you can’t decide between them, rest assured it’s not as difficult a decision as it may first appear. The BMW X7 is the better choice, and here’s why. 

A dark blue 2022 BMW X7 in the city.
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

The 2022 BMW X7 has a higher road test score

The 2022 BMW X7 has a higher road test score than the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. The BMX X7 has a road test score of 94/100 to the Lincoln Navigator’s 65; obviously, a big difference. In addition the X7’s overall score is higher at 81. The Lincoln Navigator has a decent overall score of 63/100 which is respectable, but not quite as good as the X7.

Both luxury SUVs have perfect noise ratings as well as a 4/5 for their ride. They also both get the same scores for their predicted reliability ratings at a 3/5. However, the BMW X7’s routine and emergency handling scores are better than the Navigator’s, at a 4/5 to a 2/5.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator has a more powerful engine

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator has a more powerful engine than the 2022 BMW X7. The Lincoln Navigator comes with a3.5-liter V6 engine that makes 440 hp.

The 2022 BMW X7 base model comes with an inline 6 cylinder engine that makes 335 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. The X7 also has all-wheel drive and is matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The m50i has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine available that’s capable of making 523 hp. The Alpina comes with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that puts out 612 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. That’s a whole lot of power.

The X7 is cheaper


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If you want the SUV that is better and also costs less, the 2022 BMW X7 is also a better choice – unless you opt for the most expensive X7. The 2022 BMW X7 price starts at $75,895. That’s for the base model xDrive40i. The next step up, the M50i, hits six digits. The 2022 BMW X7 M50i price starts at $100,795. Think that’s a lot? The 2022 BMW X7 Alpina XB7 price starts at a whopping $142,295.

The base model 2022 Lincoln Navigator price starts at $78,405. There are a total of five Navigator trim levels, with the top two costing over $100,000. If you opt for the next level up from the base model, the Reserve, it will cost you $88,740. That’s also the most popular Lincoln Navigator trim level, if you’re looking for the option that most people find ideal.

The 2022 BMW X7 vs the 2022 Lincoln Navigator isn’t really a contest. The BMW X7 has better road test scores and is less expensive than the Navigator. While the Lincoln Navigator has a more powerful engine, that’s to be expected as it’s a larger SUV. When it comes down to it, the X7 is the better luxury large SUV.