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2020 was a big year for Ford and Lincoln sedans; the 2020 Lincoln MKZ, Continental, and Fusion were the last model years before the Blue Oval discontinued the lot. However, the discontinuations make sense, given the popularity of SUVs and the shared CD4 platform of the doomed sedans. However, for used car shoppers, is the Lincoln MKZ worth it? Or is it a sad middle ground between the workaday Ford Fusion and the stretched Continental?

Is the Lincoln MKZ the same as the Ford Fusion?

An 2020 Lincoln MKZ displays its leather interior and infotainment screen.
An MKZ interior | Ford

The 2020 Lincoln MKZ might not look the same as the Ford Fusion inside or out. However, both models are close siblings. To see the similarities, you have to look within. For instance, the MKZ and Fusion ride on the same CD4 platform, meaning similar dimensions and driving dynamics. 

Of course, the MKZ is a more luxurious version of the Blue Oval’s midsize sedan application. As such, fans will note supportive front seats and comfort suitable for long trips. However, the MKZ in standard form won’t impress Mercedes-Benz and BMW crowds. Instead, used car hunters who want the most out of their 2020 Lincoln MKZ will have to opt for some of the model’s more upscale kit, like a 20-speaker Revel audio package and genuine wood trim.  

Is the 2020 Lincoln Continental larger than the MKZ?

A black Lincoln Continental parks next to a large urban building.
2020 Lincoln Continental | Ford

Despite riding on a tweaked version of the CD4 platform, the Continental is larger than the MKZ in every metric. 

Make and modelLengthWidthCurb weight
2020 Lincoln MKZ194.1 inches73.4 inches3,739 lbs
2020 Lincoln Continental201.4 inches75.3 inches4,224 lbs
2020 Ford Fusion191.7 inches75.2 inches3,410 lbs

The Continental is a full 7.3 inches longer than the MKZ and a staggering 485 lbs heavier. Still, the MKZ manages to be longer yet more narrow than its close sibling, the Ford Fusion. All three sedans are front-wheel drive (FWD) with an all-wheel drive (AWD) option. Of course, adding AWD to the MKZ Standard will bump the curb weight by around 161 lbs.  

Is the Lincoln MKZ a good car?

Despite being billed as a midsize luxury car, the 2020 Lincoln Continental drops the ball compared to some of its segment rivals. Car and Driver gave the final MKZ a dismal 4.5 out of 10 overall, citing the model’s lack of refinement and Ford Fusion-esque standard interior. 

Furthermore, while the 400-horsepower AWD option might be tantalizing, the lesser engines are sadly unengaging. Moreover, the V6 FWD models tend to torque steer like it’s the prime directive. Still, even with the negative press, the MKZ is an arguably handsome luxury car with available AWD to tackle slick roads and noncompliant climates. Moreover, at an average of just over $25,000, the MKZ is a solid used car prospect. 

Is Lincoln replacing the MKZ?

Lincoln didn’t see fit to replace the MKZ or Continental after 2020. Instead, the tenured marque adopted an SUV-only lineup. Today, Lincoln produces just four SUV models: the Aviator, Nautilus, Navigator, and Corsair.

Furthermore, while the MKZ offered a hybrid, it didn’t make the cut like some of the marque’s hybrid SUVs.

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