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The 2020 Lincoln Continental marked the end of the brand’s full-size luxury sedan options. As a result, fans can get a used example for well under the model’s original starting price. However, even with a used Continental’s wallet-friendly value, it isn’t alone in the used sedan segment. Enter the 2020 Volvo S90, a posh luxury car with the long-body Lincoln in its sights. 

What does the Volvo S90 compare to?

A maroon 2020 Volvo S90 shows off its side profile in a photo shoot.
2020 Volvo S90 | Volvo

The latest Volvo S90 compares to the Lexus ES and Genesis G80. However, a 2020 Lincoln Continental is also a fitting rival for a used S90. Both vehicles seat five comfortably and produce as much as 400 horsepower. 

2020 Volvo S90 Engine OptionHorsepower/TorqueTrims
Supercharged/turbocharged 2.0L I4316 HP/ 295 lb-ftT6 trims
PHEV Supercharged/turbocharged 2.0L I4400 HP/ 472 lb-ftT8 trims

However, the S90 offers a hybridized version of its T6, adding an electric motor good for 12 miles of electric-only drive. On the other hand, the Continental is exclusively gas-powered. 

2020 Lincoln Continental Engine OptionHorsepower/TorqueTrims
3.7L V6305 HP/ 280 lb-ftStandard
Twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6335 HP/ 380 lb-ftReserve, Black Label
Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6400 HP/ 400 lb-ftReserve, Black Label

How much is a 2023 Lincoln Continental?

Unfortunately for fans of the nameplate, the last Lincoln Continentals rolled off the line in 2020. As a result, the only option for getting a Continental in 2023 is to shop for one of the used models. 

Make and modelAverage value
2020 Lincoln Continental Standard$30,361
2020 Lincoln Continental Reserve$35,255
2020 Lincoln Continental Black Label$46,502
2020 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum$32,200
2020 Volvo S90 T6 R-Design$33,822
2020 Volvo S90 T6 Inscription$37,274

In better news, a used 2020 Lincoln Continental Standard has a fair value of $30,361, around $17,000 less than in 2020. However, if luxury car enthusiasts would rather have a comparable S90, the entry-level T6 Momentum is within $2,000 of the Continental’s Standard trim. 

Is the Lincoln Continental a big car?


The Lincoln Continental Isn’t the Only Luxury Car To Carry the Continental Name

The 2020 Lincoln Continental rides on a lengthier version of Ford’s CD4 platform, making it longer than the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ. Further, the Continental is longer and wider than competitors like the Volvo S90. 

Make and modelLengthWidthCurb weight
2020 Lincoln Continental201.4 inches75.3 inches4,224 lbs
2020 Volvo S90200.1 inches74.4 inches4,819 lbs

Despite the Continental’s added length and width, the FWD variant is considerably lighter than the AWD S90. Still, the Continental’s optional AWD architecture adds to the vehicle’s curb weight, albeit not enough to match the Volvo’s portly heft. Even with both models riding on grippy AWD, the S90 outweighs the Continental by 423 lbs. 

Both cars feature handsome interiors with pale, airy color options and tech like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, the S90’s standard infotainment screen is one inch larger than the Continental, per Car and Driver. Moreover, with standard AWD and available T8 Hybrids, the S90 is more versatile than the now-extinct Continental.

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