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The Lincoln Continental deservingly pops into the minds of classic car enthusiasts when they ponder that iconic model name. However, the long-body Lincoln isn’t the only player in the luxury car space; the Bentley Continental might not have the same tenure as the Lincoln by the same name, but it’s certainly earned its place. So, are the Lincoln and Bentley models cut from the same cloth? Or are they linked by name alone?

When did Lincoln build the first Continental?

Lincoln first sold the Continental in 1939. It started life as a personal vehicle for then-Ford president Edsel Ford. However, when Ford saw how his high-society friends reacted to the European-inspired concept, he ordered it into production. The Lincoln Continental was born. 

Since then, Lincoln has gone through 10 generations of Continental, ending with the 2020 model. However, the storied American marque hasn’t revealed any intent to revive the nameplate, as an EV or otherwise. Still, the Continental evolved, changing from a soft, curvaceous coupe and cabriolet to a long, sinister luxury sedan. However, despite its luxury credentials, the Lincoln Continental couldn’t be further from the like-named Bentley. 

How old is the Bentley Continental?

A first-generation Bentley Continental GT shows off its silver paintwork.
First-generation Continental | National Motor Museum, Heritage Images via Getty Images

The first Bentley Continentals rolled away from their coach builders in 2003. That’s a far cry from the 84-year-old Lincoln of the same name. However, the Bentley is entirely different. Handbuilt in Crewe, England, the Continental GT is a mile-swilling luxury grand tourer with up to 12 cylinders up front. 

In fact, the Continental GT is old enough now that fans can pounce on them post-depreciation. According to Kelley Blue Book (KBB), the 2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe has a typical listing price of $33,072. Considering it started at around $162,585 nearly 20 years ago, the first-generation GT is a tempting performance luxury bargain. Of course, you’ll have to budget for running costs. 

What’s the difference between a Lincoln Continental and a Bentley Continental?

The similarities between the Bentley Continental and the Lincoln Continental end at their shared names. The Bentley Continental GT is a high-horsepower grand tourer with opulence to rival Rolls Royce and Maybach models. Moreover, the big, hand-built British Continental is still in production today, with a starting price of nearly $250,000. 

On the other hand, the most recent, 10th-generation Lincoln Continental rides on a lengthened version of the Ford CD4 platform. While that might not be an issue itself, the similarly-discontinued Ford Fusion rides on that same CD4. Let’s face it; a Ford Fusion has about as much in common with a Bentley as a paper airplane does with a P-51 Mustang

How much is a Lincoln Continental today?

A 2020 Lincoln Continental displays its interior.
A Continental interior | Ford

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While the Lincoln Continental might not have the pedigree of a Bentley, it is an affordable proposition for used luxury car shoppers. A 2020 model has an average value of around $29,160 with average mileage. 

However, comparing a technology-packed 2020 Continental to a joyfully over-the-top Bentley GT car seems a bit trivial; these vehicles will attract two very different sorts of luxury car fans. A Bentley Continental tends to stir the emotions of the GT car elite, while the Lincoln luxury sedan wafts occupants about in classic American comfort.

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