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It’s hard to believe a car from this millennium could already have been abandoned for a handful of years, especially with an iconic supercar like the iconic 2005 Ford GT. However, every story has a backstory. This gorgeous low-mileage Ford GT came to this tragic state in this particular case because its owner suddenly died. After five years of sitting, though, the family of the former owner put it in the masterful hands of a detailer to get it back to showroom shape.

Low-mileage looker sat in front of a car wash for years

This 2005 Ford GT is currently listed for sale on Cars and Bids. At the time of writing, the auction has a high bid of $325,000. However, given the insanely low odometer reading of just 2,600 miles, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to get much higher than that.

The story goes that this Ford GT was found sitting outside a car wash in filthy yet, otherwise fantastic condition. According to the video on the AmmoNYC YouTube channel, the owner suddenly died and, as a result, the car sat untouched for five years. However, the family ultimately decided that it was time to sell the car. So, Larry Kosilla of AmmoNYC gave it the full detailing treatment and documented the entire process on video.

That video, by the way, is insanely satisfying. If you’re a fan of cars and the satisfaction of seeing a pressure washer at work, you’ll have a phenomenal time watching this video! From dead mice to hundreds of acorns, this GT, the transformation from disaster to debutant is stunning!

How much is a 2005 Ford GT worth?

Front end of once abandoned 2005 Ford GT in white with blue racing stripes.
The once abandoned Ford GT | Cars and Bids

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According to Hagerty, a 2005 Ford GT in good condition is worth about $383,000. However, a look at past sales on Bring A Trailer shows similar mileage examples clearing over $400,000 as recently as July 2023. So, it’s difficult to put an estimate on the final sale price of this car. With the low mileage, though, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see it scrape that $400,000 mark.

All we can say for sure is that we’ll be watching this auction for sure. Ultimately, this is a fantastic end to what could have been a much sadder story. We always love to see a car get the restoration and love that it deserves. This is especially true, of course, when it’s a car this special.