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There are so many ways to wash your car. On top of that, there are so many products like soaps, waxes, and polishes that line the shelves, and it can be hard to know what products are worth your time and money. Washing your car can seem easy, but you could actually be doing a lot of damage to your paint. Keeping your car clean can be the easiest part of maintenance, but it can also be the most time-consuming.

Using a pressure washer

The traditional use of a bucket and hose are long gone, and learning to properly wash and detail a car isn’t just for show-car enthusiasts and exotic car owners. Modern cars have become even more stylish, and owners are stepping up to keep their car in tip-top shape — and that means keeping it clean. A pressure washer might sound like an intimidating tool to use in your car, but if your car’s paint is in good condition it can enhance your car washing experience while being perfectly safe for your car.


There are a handful of pressure washing extensions specifically designed to help you wash your car. My personal favorite is the foam cannon, which you can find for a range of prices, but I’ve never had problems with the cheaper $20 models. This extension attaches to the end of the wand and provides a thick layer of suds to minimize your time washing while ensuring you get every spot.

A proper car wash

Using just a pressure washer is a quick and easy way to clean your car, and as long as the paint’s clear coat isn’t damaged you can do so safely with both an electric or gas-powered pressure washer. Some drive-through do-it-yourself car washes offer a pressure washer instead of a hose, and even though they don’t have ass much water pressure as your pressure washer at home it can still be helpful.

Workers at Divisadero Touchless Car Wash apply soap to a Cadillac | Justin Sullivan

Should You Wash Your Car After It Rains?

You can incorporate a pressure washer into your current washing routine — as long as you are using the two-bucket method with microfibers. You should wash your car with microfiber mittens at least once a month, but a quick rinse with a pressure washer at least once a week can help improve your car’s appearance and making your standard washing routine even more comfortable.

Using a pressure washer to clean your car is safe and convenient. Paired with the proper wash tools and soap it can make your car sparkle in no time flat. On it’s own it can be a quick and easy way to keep your car looking pristine between cleanings.