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Dodge has been on the market for decades now. This means that the automaker has a massive stable of rides. However, some Dodge cars don’t have the same high level of quality as others. Like many automakers, some of the worst Dodge cars have model years that are actually fantastic. 

Here are two of the worst Dodge cars to ever enter production.

The Dodge Dart reboot is among the worst Dodge cars

The Dodge Dart is among the worst Dodge cars
2016 Dodge Dart | Stellantis

Dodge has produced some pretty iconic cars throughout its time on the market. Of course, the classic Dodge Dart is among them. Because of this, it made sense to eventually bring the nameplate back to consumers. However, Dodge didn’t bring its A-game with the new model, and it failed miserably. However, the automaker was able to keep it in production until 2016.

The Dodge Dart had quite a few problems that caused it to flop. Perhaps the biggest is that it simply wasn’t a good car. Notably, J.D. Power only gave the 2013 Dodge Dart a 73 out of 100, which doesn’t do much to inspire confidence among buyers. Its worst area from the marketing research firm is quality and reliability, in which it has a 60 out of 100. The 2016 Dodge Dart is also one of the worst Dodge cars, as it only has a 74 from J.D. Power.

However, every less-than-stellar car has at least some good qualities. The rebooted Dart is an attractive little car. In fact, had the vehicle been better, it would probably still be on the market today.

The Nitro isn’t a good car

The Dodge Nitro is another of the worst Dodge cars to ever enter production. The compact SUV lasted on the market from 2007 until 2012, and it’s an example of a vehicle that experienced a decline in quality. The 2007 Dodge Nitro has a 72 out of 100 from J.D. Power. However, the final Dodge Nitro has a 71, with only a 64 for quality and reliability. These scores mean that the Dodge Nitro was never a solid.

Dodge discontinued the Nitro for a few reasons. Of course, the obvious is that it was not a reliable option. However, despite some people liking the compact SUV, there were also complaints about the interior being lackluster. Making matters worse, it didn’t have the best ride quality, nor did it have an exterior look that turned heads in the right direction. This is easily one of the worst Dodge cars.

Dodge is an automaker that has much to offer. It has evolved over the years and continues to do so moving forward. However, no company gets it right all the time, and the modern Dodge Dart and the Nitro are both pretty awful cars.

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