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Tesla is the most popular EV maker in America, and like any other company, Tesla is looking to expand its lineup so that it can reach more drivers with its cars. Tesla has a few upcoming cars that may be exciting, but one of the company’s more interesting projects is the Tesla Model 2. Here’s a look at the upcoming Model 2, what’s known about it so far, and the two things that drivers should not want from the Model 2 when it debuts.

Here’s a brief overview of what we know so far about the Tesla Model 2

Top Speed wrote about all that there’s to know about the Tesla Model 2, and right now, it’s not much. In fact, not even the name of the EV is known right now as the Model 2 name is a name that’s been tossed around by Tesla fans and the media. What is known about the Tesla Model 2 is its general goal. It’s supposed to be a cheap EV, so naturally, it likely will not have the most range, the most tech, or the most luxury features. 

Its design is also a mystery, but since it’s supposed to be a cheap EV, it will likely be a small one too. Elon Musk has mentioned that the Model 2 will have a design that’s “head and shoulders above anything else that is present in the industry”, but it’s not clear how accurate that statement is at this time.

Since the Model 2 hasn’t even been revealed yet, it’s entirely unknown when it will be available for purchase. It’s rumored that 2026 will be the year, though. That sums up what’s known about the Model 2. Still, there are two things that car shoppers shouldn’t expect or want from the upcoming EV. 

1. The Tesla Model 2 should not have a high price tag

Since the Tesla Model 2 is slated to be a very affordable EV that the average American household can buy, no EV shopper should want it to have a price tag that’s close to what other Teslas cost right now. The Model 3 with the RWD option is Tesla’s cheapest option currently, but it still costs just over $40,000 before incentives. 

If the Model 2 costs anywhere near that, then the EV has essentially failed with its mission. Like Top Speed said, it’s widely expected that the Model 2 will end up with a starting price tag of around $25,000, give or take a few thousand bucks.

It’s not clear if that’s the target price tag before or after incentives. However, the cheapest EVs on the market already cost around $25,000 before incentives, so the Model 2 would need to cost that much to compete.

2. Don’t mess with the interior


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Although Musk boasted about the Model 2 having a better design than other EVs, Tesla fans generally do not want the Model 2 to be significantly different on the inside from other Teslas. The EV automaker has more or less settled on an interior design that it uses for many of its models. It’s minimalistic and simple, but it looks nice and it’s almost always high-tech.

As such, the Model 2’s interior should be similar to what’s on the Model 3 and Model Y. Since the Model 2 is expected to be cheaper than the Model 3 and Model Y, it would not surprise drivers if the Model 2 had a worse interior overall. As long as the downgrades are reasonable, such as with the sound system, then it should be good enough.