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Honda saw a lousy year for sales in 2022, due to the after-effects of the pandemic. However, the brand is seeing some turnaround so far this year, which is promising. Looking at the data for 2023, it appears that two Honda models are flying off dealer lots, while two versions aren’t doing as well. Which ones are proving to be the most popular, and which ones aren’t?

A blue 2023 Honda CR-V small SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Honda CR-V | Honda

Data from GoodCarBadCar reveals the best-selling vehicle in the Honda lineup is the CR-V, which sold 31,776 models last month. That’s 13,776 more than last year’s April numbers, which figures out to be a 76.53% increase just for that one month. When it comes to year-to-date figures, the CR-V sold 76,579 in 2022. The year-to-date figures for 2023 are 99,017, a 29.30% increase. 

It’s not surprising to see this since many people picking this SUV got it for its roominess, especially when it comes to its comfortability and cargo area. For a starting MSRP of $26,400, this model includes the Honda Sensing system, four-speaker audio system, and alloy wheels, to name a few. 

The second most popular Honda vehicle is the Civic, which saw 16,317 sales in April 2023. That’s an increase of 2,277 or 16.22% over last year. When it comes to year-to-date figures, the Civic had 52,555 in 2022 and 61,865 in 2023. 

When you look at each model listed, you’ll notice the two worst-selling Honda models are the Passport and the Ridgeline. In 2022, the Passport only saw 13,884 sales, which is pretty low, compared to what the Civic and CR-V had, which is around 38,000 more.

The reasons behind the lack of popularity for the Passport isn’t totally clear. One thing working against this SUV might be how new it is. Having been reintroduced for the 2019 model year the Passport doesn’t have the same name recognition of other Honda models.

The other worst-selling Honda vehicle is the Ridgeline, which had 4,903 sales last month. That’s almost 27,000 units less than the CR-V. In terms of year-to-date, the Ridgeline has managed to move 17,821 uints. Its best month was April, which had 3,640 units.

The lack of popularity for the Ridgeline could boil down to the type of truck it is. It shuns the traditional body-on-frame build style of most pickups in favor of a more ‘SUV-style’ build. This has a few advantages like better gas mileage, but comes at the cost of capability.

However, despite these figures being low compared to more popular models, both of these models still saw a pretty decent increase over last year’s totals. The Ridgeline’s year-to-date figures for 2022 were only 12,829, which makes for an increase of 38.91%. Meanwhile, the Passport saw a rise of 12.89% over last year.

Is this indicative of what this will look like for Honda in 2023?

While it might be a good indication of what you can expect for the Honda brand, the year is still far from over. We can reasonably expect both the CR-V and the Civic to end the year pretty strong since these models already have much higher figures over last year, and the second quarter just barely started. 

So far, it’s up in the air with the Ridgeline and the Passport, but it’s encouraging to see some growth from both models. The Passport has been considered the best two-row SUV for families for a few years, but that title was taken this year and given to another contender.

With the Ridgeline, it may not be the go-to for towing heavy hauls due to its unibody construction, but it still offers comfort and great driving ability for a smaller truck. However, it’s not meant for off-roading, which is why it loses points with many consumers. 

Honda offers some decent vehicles, which is shown by its track record with each of its models. The CR-V and Civic have been killing it recently, which is really no surprise for these two models. The Ridgeline and the Passport lag behind in popularity, but each one still sees an increase over last year’s numbers, which means they are still seeing growth. 


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