Only 1 Car Brand Is Less Reliable Than Jeep, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has released its annual report of the most and least reliable auto brands and models. Despite the fact that Jeep is renowned for its vehicle’s poor reliability ratings, it continues to be popular among Jeep enthusiasts for its off-road utility and enjoyment. Once again, Jeep earned poor CR reliability data this year, but another automaker was far worse than Jeep. Let’s look at one of the worst-ranked vehicles for reliability in the industry.

Jeep continues to be one of the least reliable automakers

Jeep ranked 23 out of 24 automakers for reliability, according to Consumer Reports. This isn’t a big surprise because Jeeps have historically been some of the least reliable vehicles. Primarily, this is due to the Gladiator and Wrangler models. However, Jeep enthusiasts keep purchasing them because they are easy to customize and have a unique design that is instantly recognizable.

The Mercedes-Benz luxury car brand ranked worse than Jeep

2020 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GT R roadster closeup of grille and headlights
2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R roadster | MBUSA

Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car brand, ranked worse than Jeep and occupies the bottom No. 24 spot on Consumer Reports regarding reliability, according to USA Today. Mercedes-Benz is the leading luxury car brand by sales, matched only by BMW and Lexus. However, in recent years, Mercedes-Benz has been lacking in reliability due to some vehicle issues.

One reason for the low ranking includes electronics issues. Consumers have reported multiple problems, including screens that go blank and electronics malfunctioning. This is shocking, considering the price tag for some Mercedes-Benz models. For example, the Mercedes AMG GT has an MSRP starting at $95,900 and going all the way up to $170,350. With a price tag like that, one would expect to get premium equipment. For less money, you can get a more reliable vehicle comparable to a Mercedes-Benz.

The most reliable cars for 2022, according to Consumer Reports

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On the other end of the spectrum, some of the most reliable vehicles include Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mazda, and Honda, which are also more affordable than Mercedes, according to Consumer Reports data. Toyota’s offerings include the Toyota Corolla Cross and Corolla Hybrid. Toyota had the No. 1 ranking this year. 

BMW scored the No. 3 position in 2022. BMW still offers sporty cars, such as the Z4, 2 Series coupe, and M-designated models. Additionally, the automaker offers plush luxury vehicles and a wide variety of upscale SUVs. Lexus came in at No. 2 this year, dropping from last year. Its sportier cars frequently fall one or two notches short of the market leaders from BMW and Audi in terms of popularity and prestige.

Mazda secured the No. 4 position. The MX-5 Miata has a tremendous reliability score out of the automaker’s lineup. Additionally, Mazda’s first all-electric car, the MX-30, is looking to compete with the Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Nissan Leaf. Elsewhere, Honda holds firm this year with the No. 5 spot and no change over last year. The Honda Civic, Passport, and Accord Hybrid are a few of the top-scoring models from Honda this year.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, along with changes in supply chains and inflation. Consumers are more conscious than ever about making their dollar stretch even further and are looking for reliability, given the market’s volatility. With a little research and shopping, there are still great deals to be had for the savvy consumer.