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The fact that thousands of Ford F-150 models are delayed isn’t exactly new information. The incomplete models can be seen from space, so even astronauts are in the loops. However, the new shortage impacting 2022 and 2023 Ford F-150 models is a little surprising. 

The Ford F-150 struggles with shortages 

Closeup of Ford's Blue Oval logo in the chrome grille of a hybrid PowerBoost F-150 pickup truck.
Ford logo | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If you’re waiting for your new 2022 or 2023 Ford F-150 model to be delivered, we don’t exactly have good news. Over 45,000 models are just sitting pretty because they can’t be finished due to supply chain issues. 

The latest shortage involves the iconic blue oval badge. The badge sits on the front and rear of trucks to let people know who made it. Even if you don’t care about the blue oval, it doesn’t matter. 

Trucks and other vehicles are considered to be incomplete without them, causing production delays. In fact, the production of the badges came to a complete stop. According to Motor1, Ford hasn’t disclosed how many trucks are waiting on simple badges. 

Where do Ford badges come from? 

The badges for the Ford F-150 and other models aren’t manufactured in-house. They are supplied by Tribar Technologies, in Michigan. However, a dispute with Michigan regulators about industrial chemical waste being dumped into local sewer systems has halted production. 

Tribar made headlines for dumping carcinogenic hexavalent chromium into a tributary of the Michigan Huron river. They were forced to stop when local wastewater treatment facilities detected a spill. 

Chromium is crucial to production, so production came to a stop when it didn’t have the ability to discharge its effluence. However, production s able to resume by the end of September. Hopefully, things will quickly get back on track. 

The shortage of blue oval badges only adds to the mountain of supply chain shortages that Ford and other automakers are facing. 

One of the most common shortages involves the global supply of semiconductor chips that power safety systems, entertainment devices, and even fuel-saving systems. 

However, Ford is also short on padding needed for seats, rubber for tires, and truck drivers to make deliveries of completed vehicles. 

The supply chain shortage could continue into 2023, causing limited inventories. As a result, trucks are experiencing incredibly high markups. 

How long is the wait for a Ford F-150? 

2023 Ford F-150 Tremor Rolling Slow Over Some Rocks
2023 Ford F-150 Tremor | Ford

The 2022 Ford F-150 Slams Rivals as the Most Valuable Truck

Waiting times for the 2022 and 2023 Ford F-150 models may vary. Typically, a new truck can be built in six to 12 weeks. However, supply chain shortages are leading to delays. Some people are waiting between 60 days to six months for their new trucks. 

If you want a new Ford F-150, it’s best to get your order in as soon as possible to get in line. Custom options will have a longer production time. As a result, Ford is cutting some trims and engine options to speed up the process. 

You might be able to find new F-150 models on the lot, but they could have a significant markup. Some Ford F-150 Lightning models have been sported with a 62 percent markup, adding thousands to the MSRP. 

We hope that prices return to normal levels soon, but the current state of the supply chain is pretty unpredictable. Stay tuned for the latest updates.